Android Set Top Box

As I am sure you already know from seeing our website, we are in the business of manufacturing and programming Android Set Top Boxes.

If you are reading this you may have been searching the internet for information about an Android Set Top Box and may be wondering what they can do. In this article we will cover both of these subjects.

What is an Android Set Top Box?

An Android Set Top Box is a small miniature computer that is powered by the Android operating system.

An Android Set Top Box connects to your TV in one of two ways. They can connect to an older TV with an A/V (Audio / Video, Yellow Red and White RCA connections) and connects to newer televisions with an HDMI Cable.

Android Set Top Boxes also have a range of other connections and ports that can be used for various things.

USB ports – Android Set Top Boxes usually come with at least one USB port. This port can be used for a wide range of things. Some of the most common are connecting a wireless keyboard or mouse to the unit, Connecting a flash or jump drive to the unit, connecting an external hard drive to the unit and using a flash drive to add or save data files to.

SPDIF & Optical Audio Outputs – Most Android Set Top Boxes have one of these additional audio outputs. These are mainly used by people who have a home audio system outside of their television. Most users use the audio that comes from the standard HDMI cable. These extra audio ports offer versatility when setting up an Android Set Top Box.

HDMI – Every Android Set Top Box should come with an HDMI output. If you are unfamiliar with what an HDMI connection it is basically an all in one connection that connects an Android Set Top Box to a flat screen TV. An HDMI connection transfers the high quality video and sound from the Android Set Top Box to the TV in one easy connection. HDMI cables are able to transfer a huge amount of video and audio data seamlessly. It has become the gold standard in audio and video connections.

So besides the standard ports and connections, what exactly can an Android Set Top Box do?

Android Set Top Boxes are extremely versatile in what they can do. One of the main things that they do is turn your standard TV into an Android tablet. What this means is that you are able to do everything you can do on an Android tablet or phone, you can now do on your home television. Everything from reading emails, surfing the internet, playing games, checking and posting to social media sites and with the SkystreamX you can watch all of your favorite TV Shows, Movies and Live sporting events.

Basically an Android Set Top Box turns your TV into a personal computer. It eliminates the need to buy an expensive PC or laptop and then connecting them to your TV. No long load times, no viruses.

Unlike proprietary software and user interfaces like the Roku box, Android Set Top Boxes run the open source and highly customizable Android operating system. What this means for the end user is that they can customize anything and everything on their unit. So unlike the Roku units that only do one thing an Android Set Top Box can be set up to do whatever you want it to do.
So that is a quick over view on what an Android Set Top Box can do and how it can turn your TV into a smart TV and can unlock all of the things you can do on a big screen TV instead of a tiny screen.

Here at SkystreamX we believe that Android Set Top Boxes are the future of TV viewing and personal computers. So if you want to step into the future and unlock your TV’s full potential we highly recommend purchasing either our Dual Core Android Set Top Box or our Quad Core SkystreamX4 Android Set Top Box


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