Adult Streaming Do’s & Don’ts

SkystreamX Android TV Boxes give users access to all kinds of video content from all over the world. In addition to being able to stream TV Shows, Stream Movies and Live Streaming Sports there is also adult content. With our Android TV Boxes you also have access to the internet and the Google Play store. This gives the user many different avenues for different content. With all of these different avenues for content we always like to write an articles on do’s and don’ts to give our users a clear picture on how to get certain types of streaming content.

Android TV Box Adult Streaming

When it comes to adult content there are 3 main places you can stream it on our Android TV Boxes.

Adult Streaming using the Browser

We highly recommend not using your browser to search for adult content. The main reason is the same reason for computers – Viruses. As with any computer when you start going to iffy websites you open yourself up to viruses. Viruses can cause tons of problems on an Android TV Box just like a PC. Websites and developers who create malicious viruses used to only create viruses for computers, but as traffic from mobile devices has exploded many of these developers have switched over to making viruses for mobile devices (Phones, Tablets and Android TV Boxes.)

Some of these viruses are mostly harmless and install a different browser, but some of them can steal your personal information and some install code that basically makes your device useless.

So please do not search and watch adult content on any Skystream Android TV Box using the browser. One of the most common calls we get are from people who were searching for adult content on the browser and then started experiencing issues. We normally do a factory reset to remove everything and start them from scratch.

Adult Streaming Content Apps

Downloading adult content apps is one of the worst ways to stream adult content. As we stated earlier, developers have noticed the huge spike in mobile devices and traffic over the past few years. Many of these predatory developers have switched from computers to mobile devices.

The reason that downloading Android Adult streaming apps is that a developer can create an app specifically for Android that has viruses in it. Many people download an app, install it without reading all of the permissions that you are granting the application and end up with a program on your Android Streaming Box that now has way more access then an app should.

When you install any app on Android you are giving that app certain permissions on your device. This is why downloading apps from unknown sources can put you at risk.

We tested downloading a bunch of adult content apps using google searches such as “Porn App Android and adult streaming APK,” on a blank Android TV Box with no personal information. We downloaded 5 of the top Android apps that showed up within the search results. Within minutes these programs had installed 7 different launchers (Homescreens,) installed multiple browsers, and who knows how many malicious programs that were running in the backround. Our test Android TV Box was basically useless within just a few minutes. It was running extremely slow, there were pop ups around every corner and everything we tried to do was painfully slow. Keep in mind this was a brand now streaming box that was running perfectly before our test. It was clear that these apps wreaked havoc on the unit and installed so much malicious code that the unit was almost unusable.

We urge you not to download any Adult Streaming or Picture apps onto your SkystreamX Android TV Box ever! Please trust us that will only give you aggravation! Your box will get all messed up, you will have to call us, we will have to do a factory reset on it, and you will have to set up your box and reenter all of your accounts and set up your box to the way that you like it.

Kodi Adult Streaming Addons

Kodi is the only program that we recommend for streaming adult content. The addons within Kodi link directly to the actual video file on adult websites servers. This give the user a directly link to the content without having to deal with pop ups or viruses. Kodi does not require you to install any additional apps which leaves your system open to viruses.

Kodi has an endless amount of adult content that is available to stream completely free. There is really no reason to use anything else when looking for adult content. It’s free, Virus free and has endless content. All Pros and no cons.

If you would like to learn how to install our app that will install of the latest and best Kodi addons please check out our Kodi Updater App. It will ONLY work on genuine SkystreamX Android TV Boxes. So if you have a different box, don’t waste your time.

If you want to remove all of the adult content apps please read our How to Remove Adult Addons in Kodi article.

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