Since we have announced that we will be releasing an Android Quad Core TV Set Top Box very soon we have gotten a lot of questions about what the difference is between the SkystreamX Dual Core and the SkystreamX Quad Core.

The SkystreamX Dual Core Android TV Box is itself a very powerful set top streaming device. We have sold a large number of the Dual Core Android TV Boxes and have tons of extremely happy customers.

The SkystreamX Dual Core Android TV box has two AMLogic Cortex A9 processors that run at 1.5 GHz. The Dual Core TV Box also has a Mali 400 Graphics Processing Unit which is a quad core GPU. This type of power was considered to be an extremely computer just a few years ago.

So you’re probably asking yourself, if the Dual Core SkystreamX is extremely powerful and can handle anything you throw at it streaming wise, then why are you coming out with a SkystreamX Quad Core Android TV Set Top Box?

The reason that we are coming out with a Quad Core KODI TV Box is simply because we can J

All joking aside, with electronics more power and processor speed are never bad things. We figure that just because our dual core android TV box can play anything and do everything someone would want a smart set top box to do, there is no reason not to offer something that can do all that faster.

We like to think about in the realm of cars. Sure a 400 hp car (Android Dual Core) can roll down the track pretty darn fast, but a 500 hp car (Android Quad Core) can do it that much faster.

Another reason that we decided to offer a Quad Core Android KODI Set Top Box is because of the advances in TV and movies. As most of you know there is a new video technology out there called 4K. 4K video has 4 times the pixels as 1080P HD video. The new Skystream Quad Core KODI box is 4K capable. That means that when 4K HD Video becomes more widespread and more popular the SkystreamX4 will be able to play those 4K files and streams.

We like to plan for the future and if 4K video is the next 1080P HD video format, then we want to offer a box that is able to play those files. We want the SkystreamX4 Quad Core Android TV Box to be able to stay up to date for years to come. That is why we are releasing a Quad Core Android TV Box with KODI that is able to play everything including standard definition, 480P, 720P, 1080P & 4K HD video files.

There has been a lot of talk on forums about Android dual core vs. quad core and it seems that while everyone is perfectly happy with the SkystreamX Dual Core Android TV Box, people always want the latest and greatest technology. So that is in a nutshell why we are developing and releasing the SkystreamX4 Quad Core Android TV box with the Mali 450 Octo Core. We love the idea of being able to stream 4K HD video files right at home.

In conclusion, we love the SkystreamX Dual Core Android TV box and know that it is a great product that everyone loves and are very happy with. But when technology advances and we had the opportunity to offer a SkystreamX Quad core android TV box we just couldn’t pass it up.

There will always be a debate about Android Dual core vs Quad core. In our opinion they are both winners. Both perform all functions flawlessly and provide our customers with countless hours of video content at the tip of their finger tips.


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