Android TV Box or Streaming Media Player?

We have had our SkyStream box called many things. We have heard them call Android TV Boxes, Streaming Media Players, Stream boxes, Mini Computers, Sky Storm Boxes and many other variations.

So what exactly is a SkyStream Box and why do we call it an Android TV Box?

Many of the words used to describe streaming devices in the industry we feel are very vague. Streaming Media Player, Streaming box, Set Top box and Mini PC aren’t very descriptive and don’t really tell people who are new to streaming what they actually do. Someone who has never streamed anything besides a YouTube video will look at you puzzled when you tell them to get a Set Top Box or Streaming Media Player. That is because all of these terms are industry terms that kind of caught on, but were not very descriptive to the customer and does not tell the customer what it actually does.

Here at SkyStream, we have always used the term Android TV Box for all of our streaming media players. We felt that Android TV Box told the customer that it was a box that ran on the Android operating system and connected to their TV. But recently, we have asked a few of our newer customers who were new to streaming and free streaming if they understood what Android TV box means.

Many people had no idea what it meant and told us they saw our TV box at a friend’s house and bought one. Some people knew that it was a TV box, but thought we just called it Android. They did not realize that the player actually ran the Android operating system. Some people had no idea it was a streaming device. They thought that all of the content was stored on the Android Box and they just played it.

So we wondered if there was anything we could add to Android TV Box to make it more apparent what it actually does without trying to create a whole new keyword combination. We came up with Android Streaming TV Box. While we can’t explain the entire product in a single keyword combination, we thought that adding the term streaming to the name would give people with less experience with these types of streaming media players a better idea that it streams content. We feel that it covers all of the bases in a short name.

Android – This devices runs the Android operating system

Streaming – This device streams content like you tube and other online streaming websites

TV – This device connects to my TV

Box – This is a small device / computer or mini PC

Now that we have decided on the name Android Streaming TV Box we can move away from the generic streaming media player or streaming set top box. Now that we have gotten that all squared away we can get into what an Android Streaming TV Box actually does.

We normally explain the SkyStream ONE Android Streaming TV Box to people as an Android Tablet on your TV that you can control with a remote control, keyboard, or mouse.

Many people already know that they can get free movies online and watch movies online using a computer. But many people are not aware that they can get online movies and free movies on our streaming boxes. They are also amazed that they can watch online TV, free TV, and stream TV on an Android Streaming TV Box. They usually ask us if we are like Netflix and charge a subscription each month to stream all of these free TV shows, free movies, and online sports. We always tell them that our goal is to save you money with our TV boxes and that we never charge any subscription fees.

The next question we get asked a lot is if they need internet or Wi-fi to stream free TV or if our Android TV Box provides its own internet. We always tell them that our media player does not provide any internet on its own and that they will need to have their local provider provide the internet to their house. So you definitely need an internet source to stream free TV, online movies and web TV. The bottom line is that any streaming device on the market needs to have an internet connection to stream video content.

So if you want to watch free movies online, watch free web TV or stream online live sports you will need two things.

  1. A Skystream ONE Android Streaming TV Box
  2. A good internet connection (10 Mbps Down) either connected to the media player via Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

We hope this clears up some of the most common questions that we get about our Android Streaming TV Boxes.

If you have any additional questions about how to watch Internet TV, Free Online Movies or Live Streaming sports please click on the contact link at the top of our page and give us a call or email us.

As always, Stream On!

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