Android TV Box Settings

Here at SkyStream we gets lots of phone calls and emails every day. While these calls all vary, there is usually one common theme to all of them. A setting was changed by the user not knowing what it does and they now do not know how to change it back or fix the issue it caused.

This is known here at SkyStream headquarters as “tinkering”. We have noticed that it usually happens 1-3 months after someone gets their SkyStream Android TV Box. We have found that once users get comfortable using their box and are more familiar with the settings, the urge to start messing with settings becomes stronger and stronger. Unfortunately, this is causes most of our customer service calls. In this article we are going to cover some of the settings that you should leave alone. This will hopefully save you time and hassle.

Android TV Box Display Settings

Android TV Box Display Settings

Android TV Box Resolution

This is a common issue. I changed the resolution on my SkyStream Box because I thought it would make all the videos play in 1080P. Some people like to tinker with it for whatever reason and end up messing up their box.

All SkyStream Android TV Boxes are set to a default setting that recognizes the resolution of the TV to which it’s connected. This was done very specifically so that you can move it from TV to TV and it will work.

What people do not realize is that if you change the resolution to a setting that the TV cannot read, you will see nothing on the screen except for an error message from your TV saying that it cannot display that format or resolution. A simple change from 1080P 50 Hz to 1080P 60 Hz can make the SkyStream unit not show up on your TV.

This setting only effects the resolution of the unit’s home screen and other pages within the launcher. It has no effect on the resolution of any videos played in Kodi or any other video streaming application.

The only display setting you should change is the Display Position which is used to adjust the screen size to fit your TV.

Android TV Box Audio & Advanced Settings

Android TV Box Advanced Settings

Android TV Box Sound Settings

This is another section where people love to tinker and start changing settings believing that if they change them somehow every video stream will play in Dolby Digital 7.1 (The audio will only play what audio format the stream was created with. So if it says 2.0, It will play in 2.0.)

All SkyStream Android TV Boxes are set by default to PCM Audio. This means it sends audio through the HDMI to a TV.

The only reason you would need to change this setting is if you have the HDMI coming from the SkyStream unit plugged directly into a sound system and the sound system then feeds the video signal back to the TV with a different HDMI. In that case you would change the setting to HDMI Pass through. If you are running an SPDIF cable to a sound bar you would change this setting to SPDIF Pass through.

Other than those two scenarios, this setting never needs to be changed.

Any other settings in the “Advanced” settings section are exactly that, advanced. Unless you are well versed in Android or are an “Advanced User” there is no need for you to mess with any of these settings.

Android Settings

This is where lots of people get themselves into trouble, the actual Android settings section. One of the most common calls we get goes like this “I accidentally changed the language of my SkyStream box and need to get it back to English.” We recommend that you stay away from the language setting unless you are intentionally trying to change the language to a language that you can read.

Android Back Up & Reset

Another common call that we get goes like this “I Accidentally did a factory reset and now all of the apps I installed are gone! How did this happen?” This usually happens because someone has clicked the Backup and Reset button in the settings tab.

Android TV Box Settings

Android TV Box Back Up Reset

Android TV Box Back Up Reset1

Android TV Box Back Up Reset2

Long story short, There is no reason to even be clicking on Back up & Reset. Just stay away from it unless a SkyStream employee tells you do a factory reset.

The golden rule here is that if you do not fully understand what any setting does on your SkyStream Android TV Box, do not change it. All of our TV boxes were designed to be plug and play. Changing the settings is not necessary.

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