Lots of people that are looking to purchase an Android TV Box ask us via email and phone calls why we are the best android TV Box. We get questions like “There are so many android TV Boxes to choose from, what makes SkystreamX the best android TV Box?” So I decided to write an article for our blog and let everyone know what makes the SkystreamX the best.

Customer Service

While customer service has nothing to do with the actual SkystreamX Box, We feel it is the most important aspect of buying an Android TV Box. While there are tons of Android TV Boxes on the market, virtually none of them come with any type of customer service. Most companies simply sell the TV Boxes and know nothing about them. So if they even answer the phone or respond to an email, you will most likely get an answer like “Check the Forum” or “Please contact the Manufacturer.”

At SkystreamX we are the manufacturer. We know how to service, customize and fix anything that may go wrong with your SkystreamX. If we can’t fix it via email or phone we will exchange your SkystreamX for a brand new one. It’s as simple as that. If your box becomes defective or we cannot fix whatever issue you may have we will replace your SkystreamX.

We rarely have any problems with our Android TV Boxes, but they are still computers and sometimes things happen to computers.

True Android TV Plug and Play

Another reason the SkystreamX is the Best Android TV Box is that it is the only Set top box on the market that is truly plug and play. We don’t make you search all kinds of forums and do 75 Google searches to be able to watch TV and movies. We have done all of the hard work for you. We have spent countless hours perfecting our product so you can just plug it in and start watching your favorite TV Shows and Movies.

Preloaded KODI Addons

We preload the SkystreamX with over 50 of the best KODI Addons. What this means for the customer is that they do not have to learn about repositories, Download 25 of them and then figure out how to add the actual KODI Addons to their Android TV Box. This alone saves the consumer hours of learning and installation.

Preloaded TV Apps

KODI isn’t the only TV and Movie watching app around. There are two more Android apps that are great at finding TV Shows and Movies to watch. We won’t go into detail about what these apps are called, but they come preloaded on the SkystreamX Android TV Box. They are both great apps and are adding more content every day. These TV apps are not well known right now and we want to keep it that way.

Free HDMI Cord & A/V Cable

Most Android TV Boxes come with a power supply and a remote control. One thing that makes the SkystreamX the Best Android TV Box is that it comes with an HDMI Cable and an A/V connection (Yellow, Red, White – For Older TV’s.) This means that when your SkystreamX shows up at your door, you don’t have to make a run to Wally World or Radio Shack to buy a cable so you can hook it up to your TV.

KODI Hardware Decoding / Hardware Acceleration

If you have visited some of our competitors forums you will see lots of posts about HD videos not play well, Being Choppy or Laggy. All of these posts are from people who want to watch HD TV Shows and Movies on their new Android TV Box, but not having any luck with it looking like HD. The reason this happens is that the TV Box they bought does not have Hardware Decoding / Hardware Acceleration built into their version of KODI.

I won’t go into detail about Hardware Decoding / Hardware Acceleration because I have already written a few articles on the subject. The SkystreamX comes with Hardware Decoding / Hardware Acceleration so that you can watch HD video content with no lagginess, choppiness or hassles. This is just one more thing that makes the SkystreamX the Best Android TV Box on the market today.

Quality Control & Testing

99% of the Android TV Boxes sold never tough a human hand until you open the box and plug it in. This means that there is a decent possibility that you may receive a defective or non working Android TV Box. This leaves you with two options, Return it to whomever you bought it from and then wait for a new one to arrive or try to diagnose the problem yourself.

Here at SkystreamX we strive to sell the Best Android TV Box on the market. We take each and every SkystreamX Android TV Box out of its box and hook it up to make sure that everything works before we ship it to a customer.

Buying electronics can be a crapshoot sometimes. That is why we test each and every SkystreamX Set Top Box before it goes out the door. We want to make sure that you receive a fully functional unit and can start watching TV and Movies out of the box. This is just one more thing that makes the SkystreamX the Best Android TV Box on the market.


I could go on all day about why the SkystreamX is the Best Android TV Box on the market today, but I think this article has covered most of what people are concerned about when they are buying and android TV box.

  • Customer Service
  • True Android TV Plug and Play
  • Preloaded KODI Addons
  • Preloaded TV Apps
  • Free HDMI & A/V Cord
  • KODI Hardware Decoding / Hardware Acceleration
  • Quality Control and Testing

All of the items listed above are what make the SkystreamX the Best Android TV Box on the market. Thousands of our happy customers are proof that the SkystreamX is truly the Best Android TV Box.


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