Dear Awesome SkystreamX Customer,

As you know, here at SkystreamX we pride ourselves on providing top notch customer service to all of our customers. We here almost everyday that someone purchased one of our boxes because a friend had one and raved about our customer service.

One of the main reasons that we created the SkystreamX Updater app for Kodi was so that our customers could always stay up to date on all of the latest and greatest addons without having to manually install them. We feel that this new app will help all of our customers have a better user experience and will be less reliant on our customer support staff for addons and any issues in Kodi.

As any company grows and gains popularity, certain processes and changes have to be put into place to help provide the best customer service experience possible. We are currently bringing another customer service technician on board to help keep our customer support at such a high level.

We did a rough estimate on our service calls, emails and chats and about 75% of them are questions about third party addons and third party  streaming apps being down.

Here are some example of questions and calls that we have received today.

  • What’s up with Showbox?
  • Why isn’t Mash Up Working?
  • Nothing works in Exodus?
  • Where can I find a Specific cricket match that aired last week?
  • I clicked on a Channel in the Phoenix addon and it didn’t play? Please fix it!

These are just some of the hundreds of questions that we get everyday.

So we wanted to write this article to give you a little background and perspective of what our customer service team can and cannot do.

But first let’s explain what we mean by a third party addon and application.

Third party basically means that the program or addon is developed, maintained and controlled by a third party that we have no affiliation with. SkystreamX has no control over these program and have no power to change, modify, fix or alter in anyway.

What we cannot do

  • We cannot fix an addon or program that is broken or down. As we stated above, we have no control over any of the programs or addons that come preloaded on our units. They are run by third party developers or companies, and it is up to them to fix them. An example of this is if Netlfix was not working on your computer and you called Microsoft about them fixing Netflix. Microsoft has no control over Netflix and cannot provide any support with that.
  • We cannot fix broken links to any video or audio content within Kodi or any of the programs that come on our box. These links are controlled by the host of the content and is found by the addon using a search code. We do not have any control over wither of them and cannot fix or change them in any way.
  • We cannot fix apps like Showbox or MovieHD that are broken at the developer level. We have no affiliation or connection to either Showbox or MovieHD.

As you can see, there is a general trend of what we are unable to do. We cannot fix programs that we cannot control.

What we can do

  • We can help diagnose issues with the operating system.
  • We can help with major issues with Kodi that can arise for different reasons (Black Screen, Crashes)
  • We can help with hardware issues, Power Supplies, Remotes, HD antennas, Shipping and Orders.

We don’t want to make anyone think that we are not going to provide stellar customer service to our customers in any way. But if we continue to spend so much time explaining to people everyday that we cannot help find the content that you want to watch or that we cannot fix an addon or app that is not working then people with real hardware issues will not get the attention that they deserve.

Below we have listed some tips and advice to help with some of these questions that we receive everyday.

  • Addons do experience issues from time to time. The developers know very quickly when they have issues. They normally fix the issue and push an update within a few days to a week. If you find an addon that is having issues or is not working, use other addons for a few days and check the addon from time to time to see if it is working again. If you see an update for that particular addon in the corner of your screen, it almost always means that the problem is fixed and back online. At a minimum, give an addon a week before inquiring further about it not working.
  • Most developers have a twitter account or a forum that they use to keep users up to date on their addons. If you do a Google search for “Random Addon Forum” you will most likely find the forum that the developer posts on. When you find this you will see that many people are having the exact problem that you are. Please do not post on the forum asking when the addon will be fixed or express any negativity toward the addon or developer. The developer is already aware of the issue and is working to fix it. Giving them a hard time only brings negativity and discourages the developer from working on the addon.
  • Never get married to one addon or App! The reason that we provide so many different addon and apps is so that you have options. If an addon is down, use a different one. We know it is your favorite addon, but there is nothing you can do until the developer fixes it. This is why it is so important to use multiple addons.

As we stated, One of the main reasons that we spent thousands of dollars and too many man hours creating the SkystreamX Kodi Updater app is so you will always be up to date with all of the updated addons all the time. So if you run into an issue in an Addon, open up the updater app and see if there is an update. If not then the addon is down and Skystream cannot do anything to fix it. If there is an update, choose the build that you want, let it install and check again to see if the addon is working. If the addon is working then your unit somehow missed and update, but is now fully up to date. If the addon still does not work then you have just confirmed that it is down and the developer is working on a fix.

Helpful Links and Sources for Information

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My SkystreamX Facebook Group

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***Discussion and questions about specific content are not allowed on this page***

*** Please add as much information about the problem you are having as possible. What’s up with Exodus is not a great question. When I go into Exodus and click on this, this happens is a much better question and will get you the answer much faster. Also try and post a screen shot if possible. This will help everyone answer your question correctly much faster.

My Skystream Facebook Page

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As we stated earlier, we will always provide top notch customer support to all of our awesome customers. That will never change!

We just wanted to make everyone aware that there are just some things that we cannot fix like broken addons or apps.

We wanted to provide you with as many resources as we could so that you can quickly and easily find an answer to any questions that you may have.

Team Skystream would like to thank you for joining our family and thank you for your business.

As always, Stream On!

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