While we put the 7 most reliable applications in each section of the Media Center when we create updates, we understand that some people use other applications and want to put them in a section on their home screen. So here are the steps to do this in the new Media Center.

IMPORTANT – Unless you are an advanced user, DO NOT change any other settings within these menus. You can mess up many things in the new Media Center if you tinker or click on things within these menus!

With that being said, Let’s get started.

From the main screen, scroll over to System, click down to get to Skin Settings and click on it

Scroll down to Add on Shortcuts

Press the right directional button on your remote and press up to get to the Select Menu Item section. The Up and Down arrows at the top right of the screen will cycle through the different sections. Cycle to the section that you want to change an application shortcut in.

Scroll down and click on the application that you want to replace with a different application and click on it.

A pop up will appear. This pop up gives you the option to pick what kind of application you want to replace the original one with. So if you are replacing a video application with another video application, you would click on Video add on.

Now click on the application that you want to show as a shortcut. 

Once you click on the application a pop up will appear. If you want to keep the application display name simply click on Done

You can the name that will display under the application shortcut by deleting the text and adding whatever you want to call it. 

Back out of the previous pages by pressing the back button on your remote until you reach the home screen. Scroll over to the section where you changed the application shortcut and you will now see the application and new name that you added

Congratulations! You have just changed an application shortcut in the new Media Center! Pat yourself on the back, You are Awesome!!!

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