In this article we will help you figure out how to cut your cable using the SkystreamX Android TV Box. While cutting your cable and looking for ways to get free cable or free TV might seem intimidating, it is really very simple and we are going to show you how.

The first thing you need to figure out if you need to cut your cable. So let’s start off with a few questions to see if you qualify as a candidate to cut your cable.

  • Do you like giving $80+ a month to your cable provider?
  • Do you have no use for an extra $1,000 a year?
  • Are you happy with your current cable company’s customer service?
  • Do you enjoy being nickel and dimed each month for things like DVR service, HD packages, Premium channels and cable box rental fees?
  • Do you enjoy paying extra for on demand movies?

If you answered no to any of the questions listed above then you are a prime candidate for someone who is ready to cut their cable.

So let’s look at some of the reasons you want to cut your cable and get free TV, free movies and free cable.


We are sure that not everything that you want to watch with your current cable company is included in the basic cable package that your cable provider offers. We are 100% positive that you and your family pay for upgrades each month. It may be the HD package, it may be the HBO, Showtime, Starz, or it may be an extra $12 for the 3 movies your family wanted to watch on demand.

Needless to say you are not getting all of the content you want included in your normal standard cable package. Cable companies are not stupid; they know what content is the most popular and intentionally do not include it in their standard packages knowing that you are willing to pay $5-$25 extra each month to view that content.


Let’s face it. Times have been tough in the United States and all around the world for the past years. Companies aren’t hiring and aren’t giving raises like they used to. If you’re like most people your budget has been stretched a little thin lately with higher costs and lower pay. You may have started cutting coupons and looking for other ways to save money each month. But you have been scared to cut your cable off because you are used to it and are worried that if you switch to a service like Netflix or Hulu you will get limited content. So you have just continued to pay the ridiculous cost that your cable provider charges you each month.


Let’s face it. You have become complacent with you cable provider. You give them $80+ each month for TV and they give you the convenience of turning on your TV and scrolling through there guide to find something to watch. Maybe you feel like they value your business and feel guilty for leaving them. If this is the case try giving them a call and asking for a discount. We dare you J

For whatever you have become complacent with your cable bill and your cable provider and have put off cutting cable. You comparison shop online and in the store for almost everything you buy, but when it comes to your monthly cable bill you just pay it and forget about it.

Whatever the reason is that you have put off cutting your cable and saving money each month is irrelevant. The fact that you are reading this article means that you have taken the first step by doing research on how you can cut your cable and start getting free TV, free movies and free cable. We applaud you for taking the first step!

How to cut your cable?

While there are many ways people claim to help you cut cable, most of these solutions offer you extreme limitations.

HD Antenna

There are tons of websites and videos telling people to cut their cable and buy a $25 HD antenna for their house. While this sounds like a pretty good way to cut your cable there are huge sacrifices in doing this. The major downfall is that you will receive 15+ channels if you are lucky and live near some of the broadcasting towers. If you don’t live near them then you will get maybe 10 or less channels. The next downfall is that the channels you will get will be mainly the main network channels like ABC, NBC, FOX and CBS. The rest of the channels you will receive will be secondary channels of these stations mostly playing old movies or infomercials. The rest of the channels will be Spanish stations. SO you can see why this method is a very limited way to cut cable, get free TV, free movies and free cable.

Roku, Netflix, Hulu

This is the second most popular way people use to try and cut their cable. Most people know someone who has a Roku or other streaming device with a Netflix or Hulu account. Your friend tells you how great it is, how it’s only $8 a month ($96 a year plus a $100 Roku) and how you can watch all kinds of stuff without cable.

The problem with this is that the person who is giving you this information is either unaware of how limited the content they are receiving actually is, or they are trying to look like they are in the know.


Let’s start with Netflix, which is the most popular streaming service. I have written a few articles on how limited the content is on Netflix. If you’re lucky enough that Netflix has a series available that you want to watch, prepare to always be a season behind and having your coworkers or friends constantly spoil a series for you.

Do you like watching only movies from 2000? If so then Netflix is perfect for you. You can rewatch all of your favorite movies that are already on TV for $8 a month.

Hulu Plus

If you want to pay $8 for a limited amount of TV series with commercials then Hulu Plus is perfect for you. Nothing better than paying for a premium streaming service only to find out that all your shows are constantly interrupted by commercials. IF this sounds like your cup of tea then go run and sign up for Hulu Plus.

I’ve already babbled on long enough about our streaming competitors. So let me dive in and tell you the real way to cut cable, save money each month and get Free TV, Free Cable, Free Movies, Free PPV events and Free live sporting events.

An Android TV box with KODI is the best way to cut your cable and start saving money each month on your cable bill. Android with KODI is a revolutionary way to stream all of your favorite TV shows, HD Movies and live sports directly onto your TV for free.

KODI is a home theater program that has numerous programs or apps that search the internet for streaming video media and stream them right onto your TV for free. Some of these Add ons within KODI are 1Channel, I Watch Online, Project Free TV, Icefilms, Navi-X, Mashup, Sportsdevil, USTVNOW and the list goes on. The SkystreamX comes preloaded with 47 of these KODI add ons so you don’t have to become a programmer to cut your cable, find free TV, free cable, free HD movies and live sporting events.

Finding all of your favorite TV shows, HD movies, TV series and live sporting events is as simple as opening one of these KODI add ons and searching for what you want to watch. It doesn’t get much easier then that. Simply turn on your SkystreamX Android TV box powered by KODI, open the add on that you want to use, search for your favorite TV show, HD movie or live sporting event, click on one of the numerous streaming sources and begin watching your TV show, Movie or sporting event.

We beg you to stop throwing away Thousands of dollars each year on cable and get yourself the SkystreamX android TV box with KODI. You will not only save money each month, but you will have access to every TV show, HD movie and live sporting event known to man. The SkystreamX with KODI is the best way to cut your cable. If you are looking to save thousands of dollars each year and cut cable, get free TV, free cable, free HD movies and free live sports then do yourself a favor and invest $150 and buy a SkystreamX right now. We guarantee you will wish you bought one sooner and had cut cable years ago.


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