How to I get Real Debrid – Click Here

Open the new Media Center (If you have not updated yet please CLICK HERE for instructions.)


Using the directional pad on your remote, scroll over to the Real Debrid Section. Press the down arrow to highlight the Setup RD/Trakt tab and press the OK or select button on your remote.


Use the directional pad to scroll down to the URLResolver Settings and click on it.


Use the direction pad to scroll over to Universal Resolvers.


Scroll down to Real Debrid and click on Priority.


Change the 100 to 90 by clicking the backspace button 3 times and then click on 9 and then 0. Press the Done button.


Scroll down and click on (Re)Authorize My Account.


A pop up will appear with a code that you will need to enter on a different device at

You will need to be logged into the Real Debrid site for this to work. You will also need to have a premium account. This will not work on free trial accounts.


Screenshot of what you should see on using a different device if you are logged in. Enter the code in the pop up on your TV screen and click on Continue.

Real Debrid Device

Congratulations! You have just integrated Real Debrid into the new Skystream Media Center. This integration will work with most of the addon that support Real Debrid. However, some addons will require you to integrate Real Debrid within that addon directly.

Real Debrid FAQ

  • How to I get Real Debrid – CLICK HERE
  • Can Real Debrid be used on multiple devices – Yes, but not at the same time. if you abuse it and give it to all of your friends your account may be shut off.
  • Can Real Debrid be used with multiple IP addresses – Yes, but not at the same time. if you abuse it and give it to all of your friends your account may be shut off.
  • Does Real Debrid guarantee a certain quality of links or 100% uptime? No, Real Debrid is a middle man between you and premium link sources. They do not have any control of the links that are available from the sources you are connecting to.
  • Real Debrid was working fine yesterday, But now I click on Real Debrid link and it doesn’t connect? Most likely you have run out of days on your Real Debrid account. Log into your Real Debrid account and see how many days you have left. If you do not have any days left you will need to buy more days.

If you would like information on how to integrate Trakt into the Media Center please CLICK HERE.

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