Open the new Media Center (If you have not updated yet please CLICK HERE for instructions.)

Using the directional pad on your remote, scroll over to the Real Debrid Section. Press the down arrow to highlight the Setup RD/Trakt tab and press the OK button.


Using the directional pad on your remote, scroll down to Trakt and click on Authorization. A pop up will appear with a code.



You will need to go to on a different device and type in the code exactly.

You will need to have a Trakt account and be logged in on the device that you are using to authorize.

Trakt Website

Once you have entered the code exactly, click on continue. You will be asked if you would like to “Allow Convenant to use your account” Click YES.

If you have done everything correctly you will see this screen and will be able to use Trakt within the Covenant addon.

Trakt Woohoo

Trakt FAQ

  • Will this process integrate Trakt into all of the applications? No this will only integrate Trakt into the some of the applications.
  • Is Trakt free? Yes Trakt is free. But they do offer a premium service that eliminates ads from their website.
  • What is the best way to add my favorite videos to Trakt? We reccomend going to and searching for your titles. Once you find something you would like to add to Trakt, click on Add to Collection. Adding titles to the collection is the best way to be able to access them within the Media Center.
  • Why wouldn’t I just add favorites within the Media Center? Trakt saves your favorites outside of the Media Center. This means that is you do a fresh install your favorites can be easily added using the process above. This also saves your favorites if you were to ever have to delete the Media Center and start all over. Overall it is a better solution then Favorites.

For information on how to integrate Real Debrid into the new Media Center – CLICK HERE



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