In this article we will discuss why the SkystreamX Android TV box is the Best Quad Core Android TV box on the market. There are many companies that claim to have the best android TV box around, but there products just fall short of the SkystreamX. Some companies claim to have the best dual core android TV box and some claim to have the best quad core android TV box. Dual core or quad core android TV boxes both work extremely well when put together properly.  So we will outline what makes the SkystreamX quad core set top box the best on the market. Specs – Many android TV box companies talk a good game about how they have the fastest android TV box or the best android TV box, but don’t really mention a whole lot on the specs of their android TV box. Specs make a huge difference as well as what version of Android there boxes run. There are still a ton of android TV boxes out there that are still running android 4.0. Here are the specs for the SkystreamX Quad Core and SkystreamX Dual core android TV boxes.

Android Quad Core TV Box Specs

The Quad Core AMLogic S802 2.0 GHz Cortex A9 processor. This AMLogic processor is the absolute fastest Cortex A9 on the market right now. This Android TV Box Quad Core Processor screams with power! Octa core processors are known for having the most power in any android set top box. This Android Quad core processor is able to perform any function at break neck speeds.

GPU: Octa-core Mali-450MP GPU @ 600MHz The Mali 450 is a graphics processor second to none in the Android TV box market. The Mali-450 is an Octa core or 8 core graphics processor. This Octa Core GPU is completely over powered! With the New Mali 450 you will have 8 cores / Octa Cores just itching to play back all of your 1080P files and MKV files. If you are looking for a ridiculously fast android set top box with a super fast GPU this is your box.

RAM: DDR3 2GB ROM: Nand flash 8GB

Android Version: Android 4.4 KitKat

Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.0

Wireless: Support 802.11 b/g/n Dual Band Wi-Fi(2.4GHz/5GHz)

DOLBY TrueHD and DTS HD: DOLBY TrueHD and DTS HD Bypass through HDMI Interface: Power, 2 x USB, HDMI, RJ45, SD/SDHC/MMC Card Reader

Android Dual Core TV Box Specs

OS Android 4.2 Main chip AML8726-MX / 1.6 GHz Dual Core Cortex A9

GPU Mali-400

Memory 1G DDR3

Storage 8GB

Wifi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n LAN

Ethernet:10/100M, standard RJ45

HDD file system FAT16 / FAT32 / NTFS HD video output SD/HD max. 1920 * 1080 pixel Support Music format MP3 / WMA / AAC / WAV / OGG / AC3 / DDP / TrueHD / DTS / HD / FLAC / APE Support Media format MPEG / TS / VOB / ISO / ASF/ FLV / DAT / MPG / AVI / WMV / MKV / MOV /RM / RMVB Support Decoder format HD MPEG1/2/4, H.264, HD AVC/VC-1, RM/RMVB, Xvid/DivX3/4/5/6, RealVideo8/9/10 Support Photo format HD JPEG / BMP / GIF / PNG / TIFF Support Subtitle SRT / SMI / SUB / SSA / IDX+USB

Languages English / French / German / Spanish / Italian / etc.

Ports 4*USB 2.0, 1*SD/MMC Slot, 1*RJ45 Wire Ethernet port, 1*HDMI 1.4, 1*AV Output, 1*Audio Output(SPDIF), 1*DC Port Compatible with Support mouse and keyboard via USB & 2.4G wireless mouse and keyboard

Power supply American Plug Input: 110-220V Output: DC 5V / 2A

LED power indicator Power on: Blue / Standby: Red *

HDMI v1.3 1080p Output *

10/100 Ethernet Port * Audio/Video Out (Composite)

As you can see the specs speak for themselves with both the dual core android TV box and the quad core set top box. Our Android TV Boxes come loaded with the latest versions of Android. Our android set top boxes use only the best processors which happen to be the AMlogic chipsets. AMLogic are the highest quality and fastest android processors around. We don’t use lower quality, slower chipsets like the Allwinner and Rockchip. We simply won’t settle for inferior parts for our Android TV boxes. Both our dual core and quad core android TV boxes come with fastest highest quality graphics processing units that are available. We use mali gpu’s exclusively in all of our dual core & quad core android TV boxes. Mali GPU’s are the fastest on the market and are known as the best throughout the set top box market. We currently use the Mali 400 Quad core GPU in our dual core android TV boxes. In our quad core android TV boxes with use the mali 450 Octa core GPU’s. If you are seeing a trend it is because we do not skimp on our boxes in any way.  

Hardware Acceleration / Hardware Decoding

There are tons of set top boxes that promise full 1080P HD movies. IF you happen to read the reviews on almost all of these boxes you will start to see a trend. 90% of the complaints other android TV boxes receive is due to HD video files playing choppy and lagging. So why do all of these dual core and quad core android TV boxes have problems playing 1080P HD movies? The reason they have this issue is that KODI by default pushes all of the video processing directly to the AMLogic processor instead of the Mali GPU. When this happens the AMLogic processor gets overloaded with video processing and becomes choppy. The AMLogic is not designed to process video and can have issues keeping up. The mali 400 & 450 are designed to process video and can handle 1080P HD Movies with no problem. This is where Hardware Acceleration / Hardware Decoding come into play. Our Version of KODI was carefully constructed to include what the industry calls Hardware Acceleration / Hardware Decoding. What Hardware Acceleration / Hardware Decoding does is force KODI to push all of the video processing to the mali 400 & mali 450 graphics processing unit. This allows the SkystreamX to play full 1080P HD movies and TV Shows at 24 frames per second with no problems. This also frees up the AMLogic dual core and quad core CPU to run at lowers levels and improves the overall speed of the SkystreamX Quad core android TV box. Be very careful when you are purchasing any other android TV box besides the SkystreamX. Most likely it does not have Hardware Acceleration / Hardware Decoding built in and will make your 1080P HD video files run poorly to the point that they become unwatchable.

Android KODI Addons

If you have been looking around the internet for quad core or dual core android TV boxes I’m sure you have found that every company claims to be the quad core or dual core android TV box since sliced bread. They all claim to have KODI that runs 1080P with no problems. If you purchase one of these android set top boxes you will turn them on, click on KODI and be left wondering how to watch movies, TV shows and live sports. KODI itself does not come with any addons built in. So basically you have a box that has a program on it that can play video on your TV, but no way to find the content that you want to watch. This is where the SkystreamX Quad core android TV box makes all other android TV boxes look inferior. Here at skystreamX we program our boxes with all of the best KODI addons. We have over 47 KODI addons preloaded onto our quad core android TV boxes. What this means for you is that you don’t have to go searching around forums and Google trying to figure out how to install KODI addons, where to find them and then how to get them to work. The SkystreamX Quad core android TV box is the first truly plug and play android set top box on the market. We preload our TV boxes with all of the best KODI addons such as 1Channel, IWO (I Watch Online), Project Free TV, Icefilms, Mashup, Sports Devil, Veetle, TGUN (The Giddy Up Network), Navi X, Tubeplus, Movies4K, Much Movies HD, Simply Player and USTVNow to name just a few.  

Best Android Quad Core Android TV Box

I hope that this article has shown you that here at SkystreamX we strive for perfection for our Dual Core Android TV Boxes and our Quad Core Android TV Boxes. We only use the highest quality AMLogic CPU’s, Mali 400 & 450 GPU’s. Each and every SkystreamX Dual Core or Quad Core Android TV Box comes with Hardware Acceleration / Hardware Decoding built in to our KODI so you will have no problem playing true 1080P HD Video files. Both the Dual core and Quad Core SkystreamX android TV boxes comes preloaded with all of the best KODI add ons. You will be watching your favorite movies, TV shows, sports and live streams in under  5 minutes. We here at SkystreamX only offer the finest android TV boxes to our customers. We have put other android TV boxes to shame. We stand behind both our dual core and quad core android TV boxes with a 1 year guarantee. If you are in the market for an Android TV box don’t waste your time on inferior set top boxes. Start off with the best quad core android TV box on the market and save yourself a lot of headaches.


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