So you’ve landed on the SkyStream website and are probably thinking to yourself  “This Android TV Box sounds awesome, but what makes it better than other Android TV Boxes?”

We are glad you asked. There are a lot of types of android TV boxes out there but none of them compare to the SkyStream. I will tell you why.

First off the SkystreamX has been quality tested numerous times by the SkyStream team. We are one of the few manufacturers that actually provide our customers with a solid 1 year guarantee. If your SkyStream breaks or ceases to work within a year of purchase we will send you a new box at no cost to you. Try getting a guarantee like that from some Chinese manufacturer.

Customer Service – Unlike other manufacturers we actually care about customer service. We want happy customers that tell their friends about the SkyStream. We don’t rely on bulk wholesale orders. We depend on word of mouth and therefore insist of providing top notch customer support and service.

Android Operating System – The SkyStream runs on the Android 4.4 Jelly Bean operating system. This operating system is Google’s latest and most stable operating system to date. Most of the discount Android TV boxes are running slower and outdated operating systems.

Bloatware and Additional Programming – The SkyStream Android TV box does not have any bloatware pre-loaded on it. Unlike our competitors we load up everything you need for an awesome TV and Media viewing experience and nothing else. Some of our competitors feel that they are smarter than Google and therefore need to add additional programming. At SkyStream we believe that Google is pretty darn smart. We don’t add any of our quirky programming to the SkyStream Android TV Box. We have bought most of our competitor’s products for testing and have had buggy play and issues with their “Enhancement software.” The bottom line is that Google knows what they’re doing. We don’t believe that we are smarter than Google, so we leave the operating system alone.

HDMI Cable – Most of our competitors send you a box, remote and power supply. So once you receive your package you have to get in your car and run to the store to pay $20+ for an HDMI cable (Doesn’t seem like as much of a bargain now does it?). At SkystreamX we are all about plug and play. We want to receive your package, hook everything up and start watching whatever you want. So we include a high quality HDMI cable with every SkyStream Media Center that we sell.

Add Ons – As with most things in life, Quality is almost always better then Quantity. This is exactly the case with Add-on’s that come pre-loaded on an Android TV Media Center. Most of our competitors make claims that there Android boxes come pre-loaded with over 900 Add-on’s. Sounds pretty awesome right? Unless you enjoy watching camel races in Abu Dhabi then it’s not that great. Our competitors for some reason feel that giving you over 900 useless and mostly foreign add-on’s is a great selling point. We however feel that giving you the actual Add-on’s that will allow you to watch what YOU want to watch made more sense. So we have pre-loaded your SkyStream Android TV Box with the best and most useful Add-on’s that exist on the KODI platform. So if you can’t wait to see who comes in first in the Abu Dhabi Camel Open then you should go out and buy one of our competitors Android Boxes. But if you want to watch YOUR favorite TV Shows, Movies, Documentaries and Live Sports then you need to purchase the SkyStream.

Specs – Out of everything listed above we think that the Specs of the Android TV Box that you choose is the most important category of comparison. It doesn’t matter if everything else is perfect, if your Android TV Box can’t handle all the media you throw at it smoothly and quickly then  you are not going to have a good experience. Below is a list of all of the Spec of the SkyStream Android Media Center. Compare these spec with any other Android TV Box and you will quickly see why we offer the best box on the market.

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