Over the past few years tons of people have made the choice to cut off their cable and save money each and every month. There are many ways one can do this. Some are better options than others.

Many people have turned to Roku products. Roku is a box that is hooked up to your TV with an HDMI cable (Not included) and is then hooked up to an Ethernet cable (Network Powerline Adapter) (Only on top models) or Wifi. While this is the same simple set up as the SkyStream this article will inform you of the differences between the two.

Roku Media Sources

So where do you get all of your media from on a Roku TV box? You pay for a subscription based streaming TV service like Netflix, Hulu Plus or Amazon Prime. Once you get an account on one or all of these services you can stream all of their limited content.

Roku Costs

How much will you need to pay each year to receive content on your Roku?

Netflix (No Adds) – $96 annually or $8 per month

Hulu Plus (Limited Adds) – $96 annually or $8 per month

Amazon Prime (No Adds)  – $80 annually


Roku Limitations

Limited Content

  • TV – Subscriptions like Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime have a limited number of shows that you can watch. Even if your show is available you will always be a season behind.
  • Movies – Even though you are paying a monthly or annual subscription bill, don’t expect to see all of the latest releases. Streaming TV services are limited in what content they can give you. It’s up to the movie studio if and when they will release it to the streaming service.
  • Sports – Good luck! As of now there are zero live sports on any of the paid subscriptions. So good luck watching your favorite team play.

Limited Functionality

  • Games – Unless you only want to play angry birds then the Roku isn’t for you. Angry Birds is the only licensed game on the Roku.
  • Apps – The Roku has zero apps. It streams limited TV and movies to your TV. That’s it.
  • Internet Browsing – Once again good luck.


Total Cost of Ownership – Streaming Box plus subscription fees

SkystreamX                                             Roku3

Year 1 – $149.99                                    $99.99 + $96 = $195.99

Year 2 – $149.99                                    $291.99

Year 3 – $149.99                                    $387.99

Year 4 – $149.99                                    $483.99

Year 5 – $149.99                                    $579.99



SkystreamX                                     Roku 3

Processor Speed          1.5 Ghz Dual Core                            Proprietary

Internal Memory        8 GB                                                   Proprietary

YouTube                      Yes                                                      No

800,000 Apps             Yes                                                      No

HDMI Cord included  Yes                                                      No

Ethernet                       Yes                                                      Yes

Wifi                                Yes                                                       Yes

TV Shows                    Unlimited                                            Limited

Movies                         Unlimited                                            Limited

Live Sports                  Unlimited                                            N/A

Games                          Unlimited                                            1 Game (Angry Birds)

Internet Browsing       Yes                                                       No

Facebook                      Yes                                                       No


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