The whole country was rocked by a huge recession in 2007-2009. Millions of people lost their jobs; Millions are upside down on their houses and are struggling to pay their mortgage. My article might be a little late to the party for articles about the recession. But the effects are still here and there are lots of people are still recovering from the recession and need help getting back on their feet.

There are bills that can just not be lowered in many people’s lives. Mortgage, Rent, Home, Auto, Life Insurance, Health insurance and the list goes on. Some bills have to be paid each month and can’t be lowered. It is not ideal, but it is a fact of life.

Here at Skystream Technologies we can’t help with all of those other bills. But one thing we can do is save you money each month is your pesky cable bill. The average cable bill for the average American is $140-185 depending on the services you pay for each month. These costs usually include Cable TV, HD Video package, Internet and home phone service. So what can you do to lower this cable bill each month and why you need to cut cable now!

What if you were able to use one of these services that you already pay for to lower the cost of another? What if you were able to use your existing internet connection to save over $80 a month on your cable bill? This is what is called cutting cable by using your internet connection to stream TV, Movies and Live Sports. This is why you need to cut cable right now, not next month, not the month after that, but right now.

With an Android TV box you can kiss cable TV goodbye. No need for a Roku, Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV that you are buying so that you can stream Netflix or Hulu Plus. If you are thinking that cutting cable with Netflix or Hulu Plus is a great idea, let me stop you there. Just because they offer TV Streaming and Movie Streaming for a low price each month, you are still paying for your content, and if that wasn’t a step in the wrong direction, you are paying for limited stale content. Besides the fact that Netflix just announced that they are increasing their monthly subscription cost to $10 a month, they still have limited content. Paying a monthly subscription cost each month to be able to stream old movies and limited seasons of your favorite TV Shows is not the way you cut your cable bill. Netflix and Hulu Plus are going the same route as cable companies. Start you off with a low monthly subscription fee, and then slowly up your monthly cost hoping you do not notice over time and they rake in a lot of cash.

That is just another reason why you need to cut cable! If you are struggling each month to pay your bills or just want all of your favorite content on demand then you need to consider cutting your cable today.

If you make $40,000 each year and pay $180 each month on your families cable bill, you are paying $2,160 each year for cable. That amounts to 5.4% of your yearly income and $2,160 of money that could be spent on your family instead of cable.

Let’s imagine a scenario where you could cut $100 a month from your cable bill. That is a savings of $1,200 a year which is 3% of your annual income. If you could save 3% of your annual income just by switching the way that you watch TV, HD Movies and Live Sports wouldn’t it be a no brainer? This is just another reason why you need to cut cable!

With the Skystreamx Android TV Box you can do just that, cut your cable. Cutting Cable is one of the most freeing things you can do. Knowing that you are getting more content then you are currently getting with your current cable provider and not paying a dime for cable is very empowering.

With the SkystreamX Android TV Box you can cut your cable and get more content then you did while you were paying for cable TV. All while turning your TV into a smart HD TV.

I won’t get into everything that the SkystreamX Android TV Box can do besides help you cut your cable. I have written many articles on how the SkystreamX Android TV Box can help you cut your cable, so I won’t go into huge detail. But if you are looking to lower your cable bill just give Android TV a chance, it is a $150 investment that can save you thousands of dollars each year. If you are not satisfied we will refund you your money back. There is no risk in trying to lower your cable bill.

The SkystreamX Android TV Box is why you need to cut cable as soon as possible.

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