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As many of you know, we announced late last week that we are going to release a brand new Android TV Box in the near future. While this article is not going to release any of the specs or include any actual pictures of the Skystream ONE, it will release a few small tidbits about the box.

But before we get into the Skystream ONE, we wanted to discuss some of the questions and comments that we have gotten about the release announcement.

Why are you discontinuing the X5 Android TV Box?

When we made the announcement that we were releasing the Skystream ONE we got a few people asking why we discontinued the X5, so we wanted to address that in this article.

We decided to discontinue the X5 due to manufacturing times. We love the X5 and all that it can do. Both of our owners and all of our employees use them every day. The X5 is a great box and will be a streamers dream for years to come.

The issue that we ran into was that since it was a one off completely custom box, it took over two months from when we placed the order until we received them. With a product that was in such a high demand it was an everyday battle to keep them in stock. We spent countless hours contacting all of the various component makers getting updates, contacting their sources and to be blunt, freaking out on them to get materials and parts faster.

It may have seemed like we always had them in stock, because we did. But it took our owners working 65 hours plus a week coordinating custom parts to make that happen. They eventually made the decision that it was not sustainable to do for the long term. So the decision was made to begin work on a brand new box that we decided to name the Skystream ONE.

Why did you name it the Skystream ONE?

The name was chosen to signify solidarity, strength and to go back to our roots when the company was started in early 2013. We have always been a streaming company, it is in our blood, it is what we do and what we do best (Besides finding awesome customers like yourself.) We want to get back to our roots, saving our customers hundreds or thousands of dollars a month is what makes us smile each morning when we walk in the door.

ONE represents simplicity. We designed a simple beautiful Android TV Box. We took all of the likes and dislikes about the way our boxes looked and combined all of the good into the new ONE.

If you have been following our Facebook you may have noticed that we stated that the new Skystream ONE will not be black or grey in color. We felt that too many other Android TV Boxes were all black and we wanted something that would stand out while being a beautiful addition to your home entertainment set up.

What operating system will the Skystream ONE have?

This is by far the most popular question we have received since we announced the release of a new Android TV Box. While we are not going to release what operating system the new Skystream ONE will be running on, we will say that it will not be running Android KitKat 4.4.

The remote control in the picture looks very basic, Why is that?

What we have learned over the past 4 years of selling android TV Boxes is that there are two types of Skystream users. The first and most common are users who want a simple remote control. They want to be able to click up, down, left and right, go home, press back and use the menu button. So we created a high quality, long range, simplistic but elegant remote as the stock remote.

The second group of Skystream users are users who want to know everything about the Media Center, want to learn the system and all of its capabilities. Many of these users already have USB keyboards, remotes with keyboards built in or have bought our Skystream Airmouse. These users will never use the stock remote and most likely already have an alternative device to control their Skystream box.

Why not include an Airmouse?

While we love using an airmouse to control and use our Skystream Android TV Boxes and highly recommend using one for the best experience, we have learned our lesson with including airmouses with our boxes.

Every time we include an airmouse as the stock remote we get two things; 1. Bad reviews on Amazon from users who did not take the time to read the quick start guide and insert the USB dongle, Turn on the Remote or charge the remote. 2. Lots of customer service calls with the same issues.

We made the decision to only include a basic remote for the Skystream ONE. As most advanced users who love airmouses have a personal favorite device, or prefer to use a USB keyboard, it makes sense to let them replace the stock remote with whatever device they choose.

This also lowers the cost of each unit and allows us to pass on the saving to our customers.

Will the Skystream ONE work on TV’s without an HDMI input?

Yes, The Skystream ONE will feature an AV Out port so that you can use it on a TV with a Yellow, Red & White Composite connection. However in an effort to be as green as possible and to reduce waste we are not including the cable with each unit as less than 1% of people will actually use the cable. We will have them ready so people can request to have the cable included.

What will be different from the X5?

Without letting the cat out of the bag, the ONE will be different from the X5. We have added lots of things and removed a few things.

One thing we will release at this time is that the Skystream ONE will have a brand new custom launcher. We are keeping a very similar functionality and ease of use, but we have created a brand new beautiful home screen and launcher that we think you will love. We set out to create a launcher that looks professional, crisp and clean while not being too serious and having a splash of color.

When will the Skystream ONE be released? Can I preorder it so I guarantee I get one of the first of these streaming masterpieces?

A firm release date has not been set at the time of writing this article. We are still finishing up on the packaging. But we expect to begin shipping out the Skystream ONE to our awesome customers within 5 weeks of this article being published. It will most likely be sooner than that, but we like to under promise and over deliver.

How to preorder the Skystream ONE?

We will be releasing all pre order information by email only. We will not be releasing any pre order dates, prices, coupon codes or specials on any of our social media accounts or on this blog. Pre order information will only to people who are signed up for our newsletter (We don’t spam people, Skystream never been about that!)

So if you are not already signed up for our newsletter list, the link is below so you can sign up. Trust me, you do not want to miss out on this preorder extravaganza! We expect to sell out of our first batch with pre orders.

CLICK HERE to receive Skystream ONE pre order Specials!

We hope that this article cleared up a good amount of questions about the Skystream ONE.

Almost forgot to mention that the Skystream ONE is going to be the absolute fastest Android TV Box created to date? We spent a solid two months solely on the firmware and brought on a second Android developer solely to enhance the speed and stability of this firmware. This thing is going to make other Android boxes look like a VCR on sleeping pills :)

Stream On!!!

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