SkyStream – The Ultimate Multi Media Center

When you hear the term MultiMedia Center what comes to mind?

Television, Movies, Live Sports and Music probably pop up. What about over 800,000 apps? What about games? What about internet browsing? What about pictures? What about social media?

MultiMedia Centers come in many shapes and sizes. Most are extremely expensive, Run on proprietary software, are complicated to install and require a costly monthly subscription. None of them offer everything that the SkyStream Android TV Box does.

Do you want to pays thousands of dollars for a MultiMedia Center? Would you like to pay a company hundreds of dollars to install it? Do you want to be charged an expensive monthly subscription fee? Do you want to be limited on content? Do you want to deal with complicated proprietary software? Our guess is no!

That is why we created the SkyStream Android TV Box. It is the world’s best Ultimate MultiMedia Center.

So what exactly does the SkyStream do? That is not the question. The real question is what can’t the SkyStream do?

Television – The SkystreamX delivers streaming TV to your living room free of charge. No more monthly cable bills (Which go up every year!)

You can watch any TV show on the planet with this Android Box. Simply search one of the many add ons that come preloaded on your SkyStream and begin watching. It’s as simple as that!

Movies – Any good MultiMedia Center should have lots of movies right? How about access to any movie that has ever been made? Sounds too good to be true, right? It’s not!

Simply search for the movie that you would like to watch in one of the many addons that come preloaded on your SkyStream X5 Media Center. Once it pops up, click on it. Select the quality you would like to view and boom, that movie is playing on your TV.

Now you’re getting the idea. Everything you want to watch on Demand!

Live Sports – Are you sick of watching whatever game the Networks decide that you should watch? Is your favorite teams game being blacked out? Do you like watching international sports? Sick of paying hundreds of dollars each season for a certain sports package?

We understand!

With the SkyStream you simply open one of our sports add ons, search for the sport you would like to watch, Find your game, click on a stream and start watching your favorite sports team live. It’s as simple as that. Stop missing all of the action and start watching every one of your favorite sports teams games.

Music – Everyone is in love with streaming music. But not everyone is a fan of listening to their music on tiny little speakers that are on their phone or tablet. Do you wish there was a simple way to play all of your streaming music through your TV or surround sounds system? Of course you do.

That is where the SkyStream Android Internet TV Box comes in. Simply download your favorite music streaming app from the google play store, log in and start enjoying music the way it was supposed to be listened to.

So we have covered the basics of what a Media Center should have and how the SkystreamX makes it easy, simple and most importantly FREE!

So what makes the SkyStream Android Internet TV Box an Ultimate Multi Media Center?

Smart TV Capability – Turn your TV into a smart TV without spending thousands on a new TV.

  • Turn your TV into an android tablet!
  • Browse the Internet from your couch!
  • Over 800,000 apps at the tip of your fingers!
  • Social Media on your TV!
  • Stream Music and Videos straight to your TV!
  • Video chat with friends and family (Web Camera not included)
  • Play all of your Android games on your TV!

Games – Like playing games on your Android phone or tablet? Of course you do, everyone does. How about playing those same games on a large flat screen TV? Sounds pretty good right?

With the SkyStream you can play all of your favorite games right on your TV.

Here is a short list of some of the games you can play right on yout TV with your SkyStream Ultimate Multi Media Center.

Candy Crush, Angry Birds, Temple Run, Fruit Ninja, Words With Friends, Bejewled, Per Rescue Saga and thousands more.

Social Media – Everyone is on social media apps these days. But don’t you get kind of sick of viewing your favorite social media sites on your tiny phone screen or tablet? Wouldn’t you like to view your friends updates, pictures and video’s on your TV? Of course you would.

With the SkyStream you can download all of your social media apps and use them on your TV. How cool is that?

Here is a short list of the apps you can have on your TV.

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Kik, Foursquare, Tumblr, Linkdin and any other social media app that exists.

Pictures – Do you like showing your friends and families all of your great pictures? Would you rather show them on a tiny little screen, or would you like to gather everyone in front of the TV and show them a great slideshow with all of your wonderful pictures?

The SkyStream Android Internet TV box comes with 16gb of internal memory, so you can plug in a usb flash drive with all of your favorite pictures and run a slide show on your TV. How great is that?

So by now I’m sure you can see why we call the SkyStream the Ultimate MultiMedia Center. The SkyStream does everything possible that you would want in a home media center at a fraction of the cost of anything on the market. You will not find a better Multi Media Center on the market. Even if you spend thousands of dollars you will not get all of the features and capabilities that the SkyStream has.


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