SkystreamX is always on the cutting edge of technology. When we started developing the SkystreamX Android TV Boxes we started to tell our friends about it. They seemed to be mystified and had a hard time understanding what it was. The number one question we got was (Does it have Netflix?)

So I decided to write this article to explain a little better about what Android TV Boxes are and what they do.

What are Android TV Boxes?

Android TV Boxes are in the category of Set Top boxes. A Set Top Box is a small computer that is designed to connect to your TV using an HDMI Cable or AV Cable (SkystreamX can connect using either one and comes with both.)

Android Set Top boxes are basically android tablets without a screen. Your TV becomes the screen once you hook up your Android Set Top Box.

Android TV Boxes turn your TV into an android tablet with about 2 minutes of set up.

If you have ever wished you could use all of your android apps on your TV then an Android TV Box is for you.

What do Android TV Boxes do?

I could write for hours on this subject, but I am going to break this section into a few categories to save time. An Android TV Box can do everything that a normal Android Tablet or Phone can do, plus much more.

Android TV Boxes Android Apps

With an Android TV Box you can download and use any Android App in the Google Play store. There are over 800,000+ Android Apps currently available in the Google Play Store.

So when people ask what can Android TV Boxes do, it is hard to answer because the possibilities are endless.

Here are some popular Android Apps that you can use on an Android Set Top Box.

Social Media

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Linkedin
  • Four Square
  • Tumblr
  • Reddit

Games (A USB gaming controller might be needed to play certain games)

  • Candy Crush
  • Subway Surfers
  • Clash of the Clans
  • Farm Heroes
  • Despicable Me
  • Angry Birds


  • Pandora
  • Soundcloud
  • Spotify
  • Beats Music
  • Shazam
  • iHeart Radio


  • The New York Times
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • Barrons
  • The Washington Post
  • The Huffington Post
  • CNET

When it comes to Android Apps the Google Play store has you covered. There is literally an app for anything you could possible want to do on an Android Set Top Box. This is one of the many reasons that Android TV Boxes have become so popular recently and have started gaining popularity over closed system set top boxes like Roku.

Android TV Boxes – Watching TV & Movies

One of the main reasons that people are rushing out to by Android TV Boxes like the SkystreamX is that they want to watch TV, Movies & Live Sports on their TV’s without paying for expensive cable services and premium channels.

Most Android TV Boxes are capable of streaming TV shows and movies to your TV. But where most of them lack is that they make the end user program everything to be able to watch all of their favorite TV shows and Movies. Most people have no idea how to perform this programming and do not want to spend countless hours trying to figure all of this out. With some Android TV Boxes, Even if you figure out how to program everything you will most likely have a hard time playing HD movies and TV Shows because the manufacturer does not program there boxes correctly to be able to play these files. This is a common problem within a program called KODI. Unless you buy an Android TV box that has it’s firmware designed to play HD files within KODI your HD video is going to be very choppy and laggy.

This is another area that the SkystreamX Android TV Box blows by the competition on. When we designed the SkystreamX, we took our time making it so that HD files would play flawlessly. 1080P is no problem for the SkystreamX and it will play those types of files perfectly all day long.

Plug and Play Android TV Boxes

The SkystreamX is the only completely Plug & Play Android TV Box in the market in the entire world. WE have looked far and wide but have never found another Android TV Box that comes preloaded with all of the programs needed to start watching TV Shows, Movies & Live Sports right out of the box.

We preload every SkystreamX Android TV Box with a fully loaded version of KODI. Our Version of KODI comes with over 50 of the most popular KODI Addons. What this means for the user is that they can plug in the SkystreamX, open KODI and be watching their favorite show or movie in minutes. No other Android TV Boxes can claim to do that.  This is what makes the SkystreamX the first and only completely plug and play android TV box on the market.

We also preload the SkystreamX Android TV Box with two other programs that stream TV Shows and Movies directly to your TV using only your internet connection. One of these programs can only be described as Netflix on Steroids. The other program works more like KODI but is equally impressive for streaming TV Shows and Movies.

Android TV Boxes Multimedia

So besides turning your TV into an Android Tablet, Allowing you to surf the web from your couch,  Letting you watch all of your favorite TV Shows, Movies and Live Sports for free, what else can Android TV Boxes do?


Do you have a bunch of family photos on your computer or a flash drive that you would love to show to your friends and family? Ever thought about how cool it would be to show all of those pictures to your friends and family on your TV instead of a small computer screen. Android TV Boxes make it possible to show someone all of your pictures on your TV. All you need to do is put those pictures on a USB Flash Drive or USB External Hard Drive, Plug the device into your Android TV Box and open up the pictures. In seconds you can have a slideshow of all your favorite pictures playing on your TV.


Do you have a bunch of family movies stuck on a camcorder or home computer? Ever wanted to show them to people on a big screen? Tired of connecting cords, sliding around your TV and messing with inputs or sources?

With Android TV Boxes all you need to do is connect your Camcorder (Via USB) to your box and start playing your movies on your TV for everyone to enjoy.

You can also put these movies on a Flash Drive or External Hard Drive, connect it to the Android TV box through the USB Connection and start playing all of your movies.


Do you have a large music collection on your computer and want to play them through your TV or Surround sound system? Just transfer the music to a USB flash drive or external hard drive, plug in the device and start listening to your music through your TV or TV’s surround sound system.


Android TV Boxes are the wave of the future in multimedia, TV Streaming, Movie Streaming, Live Sports Streaming, Music Streaming, and Streaming Media. Android TV Boxes are basically computers that connect to your TV and allow you to do anything and everything on your TV from the comfort of your couch. I Hope this article helps explain what an Android TV box is and why Android TV Boxes are the perfect solution to your home multimedia system.


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