What is Real Debrid?

In this article we cover what Real Debrid is, how it works, how much it costs, and if it is worth the cost.

What is Real Debrid?

To understand how Real Debrid works we first have to learn how streaming in Kodi works. Most add-ons do not host any of the content that can be viewed in them. Most add-ons like Exodus, 1channel, SALTS, Icefilms, etc, act as search engines for streaming content. When you search for something, the add-on scrapes the sites where the file is actually hosted and displays a clickable link directly to where the file is hosted. Once Kodi connects to the link it begins to stream.

Most of these hosted sites make money through advertising views and monthly subscriptions. The links that you are clicking on in almost every Kodi addon is in the host sites free section. Most of these sites limit the size of the files in the free section (Mainly HD files over 1 Gb.) They also throttle the amount of data they give out in the free section. Long story short, there are two different sections to most of these host sites. This is where Real Debrid comes into play.

If you were to buy a subscription for each host sites premium section the cost would get very high. Real Debrid gives you access to many host sites premium section for one cost. We will cover the cost for Real Debrid later in the article.

How does Real Debrid work in Kodi?

Real Debrid works by allowing add-ons like Exodus, SALTS, 1Channel, Velocity, and Release Hub to scrape the premium section of many host sites and displaying the premium links in the add-on. Some add-ons display the Real Debrid links in different colors (Salts), Some display them by just showing saying Real Debrid at the beginning of the link (Exodus), and some add RD in the link (Velocity.)

At the end of the day Real Debrid give addons that are compatible with it the ability to provide more links to the specific content you are trying to view. Many of these links are 1080P, 720P and some of them even have Dolby Digital 5.1. But HD is never guaranteed.

How much does Real Debrid cost?

Real Debrid offers 4 packages – 15 days, 30 days, 90 days and 180 days of access.

  • 15 days – 3 Euros = $3.27*
  • 30 days – 4 Euros = $4.36*
  • 90 days – 9 Euros = $9.81*
  • 180 days – 16 Euros = $17.44*

* – All conversions for pricing fluctuate with the currency’s value and can change daily.


Is Real Debrid worth the cost?

We have been using Real Debrid for quite some time and feel that it is a fantastic service. We like to think of it as the VIP section of Kodi. We find that the links are normally very reliable and occurrences of buffering are definitely reduced. But just like anything else, nothing is perfect. As with any other links within Kodi, some work great and some do not work. This is the same with Real Debrid, but we found it to be more reliable than the free sections of the host sites.

We cannot tell you if the cost is worth it for you. If you are someone who is looking for completely free streaming then it may not make sense for you. But if you are willing to spend a few bucks a month and get a wider selection of stream sources then it may make sense.

We want to post some disclaimers about the Real Debrid service.

  • SkyStream has no affiliation with Real Debrid or any of the host sites connected with it.
  • This is not an article on how to install Real Debrid. There are already many articles on how to install it into Kodi. Do a Google search for “Real Debrid Kodi” and read some of the pages that pop up.
  • SkyStream will not install or set up Real Debrid or provide customer support for Real Debrid in any way as we have no association with the service.
  • You are not required to install or pay for this service if you do not want to. Kodi will continue to work with or without Real Debrid. This is just an informative article on a service that can be integrated into Kodi.
  • Real Debrid is not a magical program that gives you everything in 1080P with zero buffering ever. It merely gives you access to streams that would not normally be available in Kodi addons. Most links work great, but some do not.
  • Once again, SkyStream will not install Real Debrid or provide customer support for Real Debrid in any way as we have no association with the service.


SALTS (Stream All the Sources) Addon with Real Debrid in Kodi

SALTS (Stream All the Sources) Real Debrid Kodi


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