We have received hundreds of questions since we launched the SkyStream Android TV Box. People want to know what is does and how it works. So we decided to put together this little tutorial so people would know exactly what this Android TV Box does and does not do.

But before I we get into what the SkyStream Android TV Box does and does not do I thought it would be a good idea to explain the concept of how this TV box works.

As you probably know, the internet is a vast world of information and data that is growing every day. As internet connections got faster and hard drives were able to hold huge amounts of data people started uploading copies of their favorite TV shows, Movies and live TV Streams. The SkyStream Android TV Box takes full advantage of all of these things. The SkyStream puts all of these internet sources of Movies, TV Shows, Live TV and Life Sports at your finger tips. With a few clicks you can basically watch whatever you want, thanks to the internet and streaming technology. Two huge advantages the SkyStream offers is that it streams everything directly to your TV in HD Quality, and that you don’t have to worry about your computer getting viruses.

So now that you have an idea of how it works, let’s move onto what the SkyStream Android TV Box does and does not do.

What the SkyStream Android TV Box does

  • Has over 25 Add Ons (Apps) that search the internet for whatever you want to watch.
  • Once you find what you want to watch. The SkyStream will list all of the seasons and episodes that are available. Simply click on an episode, click a source to streams it and enjoy.
  • Movies are all over the internet. If a movie is on the internet then you will be able to watch it on the SkyStream.
  • The SkyStream uses internet sources to give you more content then Netflix, Hulu or any other paid streaming service.
  • The SkyStream runs on the latest Android operating system (4.4 Jelly Bean.) So when you turn it on it turns your TV into an Android tablet. Much easier to use and more functions then an overpriced smart TV.
  • Live sports have been streamed over the internet for years. The SkyStream gives you the ability to find tons of live sporting events from all across the globe.
  • You have the ability to save your favorite viewing options as favorites. This way you will not need to search for your favorite program each time.
  • The SkyStream allows you to use all of your favorite Android Apps right on your TV. You can browse the internet, update facebook or twitter, and play angry birds. The options are limitless. If it is in the google play store it can be used on your TV.
  • It streams music to your TV or sound system from all of your favorite music streaming programs.

What the SkyStream Android TV box does not do

  • The SkystreamX does not have a guide. You will need to search for what you want to watch.
  • It most likely does not stream your local news station. If this is something you must have then we suggest buying a cable antenna to pick up all of your local channels. These can be bought for under $25.
  • The SkyStream may not stream all of the channels that you normally watch live. However it will be able to find any of the shows that are on these live channels and play them on demand.
  • The SkyStream Android TV Box will only stream media to one TV at a time. If you have multiple televisions in your house you will either need to purchase more than one SkyStream or move it from TV to TV.
  • It does not come out of the box as a DVR or recording media. You are however able to record video media to its 16Gb internal hard rive or connect an external hard drive to it via USB. However you will find that recording video media is really not necessary as everything on the SkyStream is on demand.

So that is what the SkyStream Android TV box does and does not do. There are lots of other functions that the box will do, but they are too numerous to list. This article was written more to show you what it does not do to give you the ability to make an informed decision if the SkyStream Android TV Box is right for you.

If you have any additional questions please email us at info@skystreamx.com

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