The internet streaming revolution started many years ago with a now wildly website called Youtube. You may have come across this YouTube site once or twice in your internet travels. While there were previous internet video streaming websites prior to Youtube, none of them grew as fast and became as popular as Youtube. It grew so big and became so popular that internet search engine giant Google purchased Youtube for 1.65 billion dollars in 2006. Google knew that streaming videos via the internet was the wave of the future. They have been proven correct in the past 7 years.

Youtube has over 1 billion unique users to its site each month. Over 6 billion hours of video are watched on the popular internet video streaming service each month and over 100 hours of video are uploaded each minute. Those are some staggering statistics and some may wonder how that is even possible. This question leads us into the main point of this article.

In the past few years a few things have happened that have catapulted internet video streaming. The first factor and possibly the most important are internet speeds. In the early days of internet video streaming user and uploaders were very limited by the internet speeds that were available to them. Users were plagued by constant buffering and waiting for the video to load. This was obviously something that was a hindrance to users who were trying to watch videos on the internet. But as internet speeds started to get faster and faster viewing internet videos became much less cumbersome and annoying. With most internet providers offering download speeds of 90Mbps or faster buffering and waiting for videos to load are a thing of the past. Now that internet speeds have become so fast, viewing TV shows, watching movies and streaming live sporting events to your TV have become and enjoyable and empowering experience.

What other factors have influenced the worlds shift towards streaming media via internet into their home? I think the next important reason that internet media streaming of all kinds has taken off so much is our computer speeds. With today’s computers, even mediocre machines can record media from almost any source, upload it onto the internet and other people can access it and watch TV shows, movies and live sporting events.

In the early days of recording media and placing it on the internet for others to enjoy we were plagued by choppy, pixilated and in general poor quality videos. This was due to many factors like slow internet speeds, under powered video cards, and smaller hard drives. Now that none of those factors are slowing down people from recording media, the latest group of people who record media and upload them online are putting out extremely high quality video streams. Many shows and movies are uploaded in 720P HD and the end watcher cannot even tell that this was recorded on a computer and uploaded to the internet.

So how are people accessing this vast array of high quality video streams from the internet? If you were like me you most likely downloaded most of your streaming media to your computer and watched them on a tiny PC monitor. Your next step was that you started burning movies and TV shows onto DVD’s and playing them on your TV. While this was revolutionary at the time, looking back now it was a slow and time consuming way to watch media. First you needed to find a file, then you had to let it download overnight, then you had to convert the file and burn it onto a DVD. It worked, but took a lot of time.

If you were like me you went out and bought a DVD player that was able to read AVI and MP4 files and get a flash drive so you could copy all the streaming media you just downloaded. This next upgrade eliminated needing to convert files onto a DVD which saved some time.

But one thing was always plaguing me when downloading all of these internet videos, Viruses! I can’t tell you how many times I needed to reformat my computer because I had gotten malware and spyware. This was definitely not a fun experience, but it was the name of the game at the time. If you wanted to watch all of your favorite shows and movies for free then you had to deal with viruses.

So what is the next step in streaming TV shows, movies, and live sports to your TV? The next step is internet streaming boxes. I’m sure you have heard of some of the big internet streaming companies like Roku, Netflix, Hulu and so on. Many people have turned off their cable and use one or more of these companies to stream media and entertainment onto their TV. But if you are one of those people (And I was at one point) you have quickly learned that these streaming services are not free and have very limited content. Most of these streaming media services also charge you for premium content on top of your monthly subscription costs. They are definitely cheaper then cable, but still cost a good amount of money each month.

So what are your options for streaming all of your TV shows, movies and live sporting events? Download nasty viruses onto your personal computer that holds all of your personal information, pay and internet streaming company for limited content or pay your cable company through the nose. None of these seemed like a viable option to us. So we at SkystreamX decided that we could create a product that would stream all of the streaming media available on the internet for free, with no monthly subscription costs.

The SkystreamX Android TV Box uses a program called KODI to stream all of your favorite movies, TV Shows and live sports directly onto your HD TV. KODI has app called add ons that search the internet for thousands of places that stream all of your favorite media. What this means for you is that you can watch any TV Show, Movie or sporting event without paying any monthly subscription fee, downloading a nasty virus onto your personal computer.

This is the wave of the future when it comes to streaming all of your internet media to your living room. Everything is on demand so there is no need for a DVR to record your media. You do not need to actually download the file and be in possession of it because it is streamed to your SkystreamX.

Internet video streaming is constantly evolving every day. With internet speeds on the rise and many more people streaming their favorite TV Shows, movies and Live sports it is no wonder why the SkystreamX Android TV Box has become so popular. Gone are the days of downloading files onto your computer and converting them, downloading viruses and crashing your personal computer.

The day has come where you can watch all of your favorite media directly from the internet with a few clicks and not worry about viruses. The day has come where you can watch whatever you want for free! The day has come for you to step into the future of streaming media and internet videos. The SkystreamX Android TV Box is the next step in the digital media revolution!

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