Best Live TV Streaming Service

SkyStream TV is our latest live TV streaming service! We spent the last year working on a live streaming service to help people cut the cord for good and still enjoy their favorite Live TV programming! We packed SkyStream TV with all of your favorite channels but left out all of that extra cost!

What live TV channels can I get on SkyStream TV?

Live TV Streaming Service

The picture listed above will give you a good idea of all of the channels that SkyStream TV offers. But we will list the full channel lineup below as well.

360 Tune Box
Animal Planet
Biz TV
Cartoon Network
Comedy Central
Country Network
Discovery Channel
Disney Channel
Docu Box HD
Entertainment Channel
ESPN Classic
Fashion Box HD
Fast Box HD
Fight Box HD
Film Box
Food Network
Fox News
Game Toon
Hallmark Channel
Hillsong Channel
History Channel
Ion Television
National Geographic Channel
NRB Network
Paramount Network
RT America
Turner Classic Movies
The CW
Travel Channel
Tuff TV
USA Network
Vibrant TV Network
The Weather Channel
YouToo America
Olympic Channel


What devices can I use SkyStream TV on?

We are glad that you asked :) We spent lots of time on app development so that you can use SkyStream TV on almost any device. Android, Android TV, IOS, Amazon Fire devices and TV's, Roku and Roku powered TCL TV's. Apple TV, Smart TV applications will be coming soon!

Android TV Live Streaming Service

Can I record shows like a DVR on SkyStream TV?

Absolutely! You can record up to 50 hours of your favorite TV shows using SkyStream TV! And the best part is that it is stored in the cloud so it will never take up any space on your device!

Live TV Streaming Service Cloud DVR Recording

Live TV Streaming Cloud DVR

What if I forget to record a show and miss it live?

Don't worry, SkyStream TV has you covered! SkyStream TV has a built in 7 day look back period, which means you can watch any show, from any channel on demand up to 7 days after it has aired. So don't worry about missing a single episode!

Live Streaming Service 7 day replay on demand

How can I find what to watch on SkyStream TV?

We have an awesome channel guide that shows you what is on each channel for a full day. This allows you to see what is on for the whole day and record any show right from the channel guide. We also have a search feature that allows you to search by show. The search feature will show you if that show is currently playing live on a channel and will also list any on demand episodes of that show that you can watch.

Live TV Streaming Service Guide

Can I search for shows I missed?

Yes, You can search for any show that is on any of our channels in the past 7 days. With SkyStream TV you will never miss another show again!

Live TV Streaming Service 7 Day Look Back

How much is SkyStreamTV per month?

If you haven't already heard, all of the big streaming services recently had to renegotiate their contracts. The cost for them to broadcast their channels went up, so they passed along that cost to their customers and all of them raised their prices by $5 per month. SkyStreamTV does not have to renegotiate our contract for 3 years so we can offer more channels for only $35 per month. So not only will you get more channels, but you will be saving $5 each month. Not a bad deal right?

Are there any contracts with SkyStream TV?

Nope, You can cancel your SkyStream TV subscription at any time. We don't try to lock you in like the other guys. We know that once you see SkyStream TV and all of the HD channels we offer, you will have no reason to cancel.

How many devices can I use SkyStream TV on simultaneously?

At this current time you can only use SkyStream TV on one device at a time. But you can subscribe to our multi user package and stream live TV on up to 6 devices simultaneously. So feel free to let a few friends and family use your account as well. Sharing is caring. Or split the bill with your neighbor or best friend. Win Win right?

Can I watch my local major networks?

Unfortunately our licensing agreement does not allow us to broadcast the major networks for each location. All of the major networks like ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX will be broadcast from the local broadcaster in New York. If you want your local networks and news we highly suggest getting a Mohu HD Antenna. This is also a great item to have in emergencies or if your internet goes down for whatever reason. There are no monthly fees with an HD antenna. Just the initial cost to purchase.

Are there any sports blackouts?

There are absolutely NO sports blackouts of any kind, unlike some other services.

Live Sports TV Streaming Service

Are there any watching limits?

Nope, you can watch 24 hours a day 7 days a week if you want. There are absolutely no limits of any kind and no extra charges for power watchers.

Does SkyStream TV offer a free trial?

Of course, we are so sure that you will love SkyStream TV that we offer a 7 day free trial for you to check it out. So what are you waiting for? Visit and sign up for your free 7 day trial!