As some of you noticed, the sounds that used to be heard when you were scrolling up and down, selected something or pressed the back button are no longer there. We removed them as we felt it was more polished and refined. However we know that some users like this feature so we created this article to show users how to get them back. We are also going to show you how you can install different versions of these sounds from other skins.

IMPORTANT – DO NOT tinker any of the other settings within any of these menus. You can mess up the Media Center and have to do a fresh install. Follow the instructions exactly and you will be good to go.


From the home screen, scroll over to System and then press the down button and scroll over to Settings. Click on Settings



Scroll down to System and click on it



Scroll down to Audio Output



Scroll down to Play GUI Sounds and click on it



A pop up will appear. Scroll to Always and click on it


Congratulations! You have just enabled the system sounds in the new Media Center. If you would like to try some other sounds to see if you like them better than the default ones, keep reading.


Press the back button until you get to the screen shown below. Scroll down to Appearance and click on it



It should default to the Skin section. If not, scroll up to the Skin section and press the right directional button. Then scroll down to GUI Sounds and click on it



A pop up will appear. Yours will only have the Confluence UI Sounds by default. Scroll to the right and click on Get More



A pop up will appear with the different sounds from different skins that you can try. There is no preview for these sounds, so you will need to install them before you can hear them and see if you like them. Click on the sound package you would like to try. It will install and revert back to the previous screen. The new sounds will be live and you can try them to see if you like them. If you want to try another one simply click on GUI Sounds again and click on Get More.


Personally we like it silent. But if we had to choose some other good ones we would go with Rapier (Yes that is what it’s called :) ), AppleTV, AndroidTV and Transparency. But that is a personal preference.



Here is a picture of what the settings screen will look like after you have installed a new sound package



Congratulations! You have just installed a new Sound Package into the new Media Center. Enjoy and Stream On!