The SkyStream X5 gives you access to unlimited movies, tv shows, and sports. The HD Antenna with 50 mile range allows you to watch all of your local news and shows in amazing HD clarity. SkyStream has taken this to the next level by allowing you to integrate live TV with the SkyStream X5 Android TV Box. Watch and record live TV without even having to change the input on your TV or the remote you are using! Our cable cutting package brings this amazing integration right to your living room. The open-source nature of our box gives you complete control of what and when you want to stream. Access to the Google Play Store gives you over 800,000 programs right at the tips of your fingers including Youtube, Netflix, HULU, Chrome, Facebook, KODI, Twitter, Flickr, Google+, Gmail, and so much more!

This is truly the best way to enjoy NEXT LEVEL streaming on your home theater and TV.

Android TV Box

The SkyStream X5 Cable Cutting package was designed to provide you with all of the movies, TV shows, live sports and local HD channels you can handle! The combination of the SkyStream X5 and the ability to watch local HD channels makes paying for cable a thing of the past! Watch what you want, when you want, for free! The X5 Android TV Box is the only all in one media player on the market that combines free streaming with local HD TV!

Android TV Box
STREAM AWAY IN HD - 4K - 1080P - 720P

The SkyStream X5 is blazing fast with a 2.0 Ghz quad core processor paired with an octo-core (8 Core) graphics processor which allows it to have enough power to stream full 4K video files at 30 frames per second! It can also play 1080P 3D, 1080P, 720P video files without breaking a sweat! We designed the SkyStream X5 Android TV Box to be able to play anything that you can throw at it. No worries of having to buy a new media player every year to keep up with the times. The X5 is the last streaming device you will ever need!


The SkyStream X5 Android TV Box comes with our custom FULLY loaded version of the most popular FREE streaming application ever made! Our version of KODI comes with all of the real free streaming add-ons! Don't be fooled by the other guys that just include a few of the popular add-ons! We auto update our version of KODI to keep your KODI media center full of all of the best and newest add-ons! Don't get stuck with dead add-ons and unanswered emails with the other guys! SkyStream has been programming KODI for over 7 years! Don't trust your entertainment to amateurs!

Android TV Box

Unlike other streaming devices with locked down and restrictive operating systems, the SkyStream X5 is completely unrestricted! Our open source firmware is completely open and ready to be customized! No one likes being told what they can and cannot do with a device that they paid for. Here at SkyStream we feel the same way! We created the SkyStream X5 with zero restrictions because we know that everyone wants a box that can do anything! So go ahead and download any apps from the Google Play Store and customize away! Don't get frustrated with a locked down operating system.

Google Tv Box

The SkyStream X5 comes with the latest version of the Google Play Store so you can download any of the over 1 million apps that are available! With the SkyStream X5 you can check emails, social media, play games and video chat on your TV. Combine the X5  with the Google Play Store and you now have a power house multi-media center that is displayed on your TV. Imagine all of the things you can now do on one device that displays right to your TV screen. The possibilities are endless. Don't limit yourself with other streaming devices!

Android TV Box

Don't spend countless hours on forums trying to learn how to program your media center. Stop downloading viruses and wasting countless hours of your precious time! With the SkyStream X5, our expert programmers have done all of the hard work, saving you hours of wasted time and hair pulling frustration! Simplify your streaming experience with the SkyStream X5. Simply connect the unit to your TV (HDMI & RCA Cables Included,) connect the X5 to your internet connection (Wi-Fi or Ethernet) and begin streaming endless amounts of premium HD video!