SkyStream 50 Mile Amplified
Indoor HDTV Antenna

Don’t waste your money paying for channels like ABC, Fox, CBS, NBC or PBS from your local Cable provider. With this state of the art Generation 2.0 HDTV Indoor 50 Mile Range Antenna that was created using the latest over the air technology you can get all of those channels for FREE for life! This antenna also has a filter to get rid of any interfering 4G LTE signals that can ruin your cable viewing.

50 mile range amplified Over-the-Air HD antenna you will get more channels then you thought possible. Depending on your location you can receive up to 45+ channels. Quality of reception may vary by channel depending on distance from broadcast tower, terrain, and many other factors.

HD Antenna

HD Antenna
  • Watch your local channels in High Definition without the cable companies bill!
  • 50 mile radius with the amplifier means you can watch all your favorite local news stations, TV stations and more in HD!
  • The only way to get High Definition local channels with no cost or subscription services!
  • CLICK HERE for a map to see what local stations you may receive using this antenna. This website will give you a general idea of what channels you may get - REMEMBER - Weather, Height of Antenna and Geographic conditions can affect the strength of the signal. THIS ITEM CANNOT BE RETURNED FOR ANY REASON!