SkyStream X5
Cable Cutting Package

We created the SkyStream X5 Cable Cutting package because we wanted to offer everything that the SkyStream X5 can stream as well as all of the local HD content that is available with the amplified HDTV Antenna. With the SkyStream X5 Cable Cutting package we have addressed all of your video content viewing needs. Stream movies and shows with apps like Kodi and Netflix, or watch live local channels in full HD! With our exclusive SkyStreamTV platform you can now plug the HD Antenna into the back of the SkyStream X5 and integrate live TV with your streaming experience. Watch and record live TV, or stream unlimited content from the box. All of this without having to use two separate remotes. This is NEXT LEVEL cable cutting!

Android TV Box

  • Stop wasting money on your cable bill! Stream FREE for life! No fees EVER!
  • Watch AND record local live HD channels using our award winning DTV (Digital TV) app!
  • Comes ready to stream out of the box! No programming needed! Streaming made easy!
  • Download all of your favorite android apps directly from the Google Play Store!
  • CLICK HERE for a map to see what local stations you may receive using the HD antenna. This website will give you a general idea of what channels you may get - REMEMBER - weather, height of antenna and geographic conditions can affect the strength of the signal. THE ANTENNA CANNOT BE RETURNED FOR ANY REASON!