SkyStream X4
Cable Cutting Package

We created the SkyStream X4 Cable Cutting package because we wanted to offer everything that the SkyStream X4 can stream as well as all of the local HD content that is available with the amplified HDTV Antenna. With the SkyStream X4 Cable Cutting package we have addressed all of your video content viewing needs. You will be able to stream all of your favorite TV shows, movies and live sports with the SkyStream X4 Android TV Box and watch all of your local HD channels using the HDTV over-the-air antenna. If you are looking to cut the cord on cable but still get local over the air programming this is definitely the package for you. With the cable cutting package you can stream endless content from your SkyStream X4 streaming player and also watch all of your local HD channels with no monthly fees. That's real cable cutting!!!

Android TV Box

  • Never pay another dollar to watch your favorite movies, TV shows or sporting events!
  • Over-the-air HD channels for free! Local news, sports and movie channels!
  • Pre-loaded with programs and add-on's so you can start your streaming experience right away!
  • Access thousands of apps and games through the Google Play Store!
  • CLICK HERE for a map to see what local stations you may receive using this antenna. This website will give you a general idea of what channels you may get - REMEMBER - weather, height of antenna and geographic conditions can affect the strength of the signal. THE ANTENNA CANNOT BE RETURNED FOR ANY REASON!