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Mohu Leaf® Indoor Amplified HD Antenna

50 reviews

Free TV in Clearer HD than Cable or Satellite

Because over-the-air broadcasts are uncompressed, your Mohu Leaf amplified indoor TV antenna is capable of delivering the clearest high-definition picture possible - noticeably better than cable and satellite providers. You can watch over-the-air networks in your area without paying a monthly fee, including 94 of the 100 most-watched TV shows for free with Mohu Leaf. Depending on your specific location, you can receive networks like ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, PBS, The CW, Univision and more. Easy to install – simply plug in, scan for channels, and enjoy free TV! Comes with a 16 ft. detachable high-performance coaxial cable and amplifier - Amplified with CleanPeak™ filter technology, the most sophisticated amplifier on the market that removes unwanted RF signals while boosting the ones you want!

There are no returns on antennas! Please make sure you have checked the availability of over the air broadcasts at your address prior to purchase.