SkyStreamX Streaming Media Players
The SkyStreamX Streaming Media Players are designed to eliminate the need for any cable, subscriptions or movie fees forever! The SkyStreamX Streaming Media Players operate on the Android interface allowing you access to thousands of apps, games and add-on's so you can completely customize your streaming media player! Watch your favorite movies, TV shows and live sporting events without ever leaving your house or paying another dollar again! With the touch of a button, you are immediately connected to a library that never ends. The SkyStreamX Streaming Media Players come pre-loaded with programs so you can start your streaming adventure right away without the hassle of programming anything!

SkyStreamX User Interface

Simple to use and easy to understand user interface for anyone to learn


SkyStreamX KODI Pre-loaded

Get over 50+ of the best add-on's pre-installed on your SkyStreamX - Plug & Play


SkyStreamX Google Play Store

Have access to 1000's of apps, games and other add-on's from the Google Play Store

Quad Core Streaming Media Player

SkyStreamX Streaming Media Players


Streaming Media Player

The SkyStreamX Streaming Media Player is the entry level streaming media player from SkyStream. It is powered by a dual core processor with 1GB of Ram and 8GB of internal memory. Although a little slower than the Quad Core Box, it will still give you endless hours of smooth streaming pleasure!

  • Streams up to 1080P
  • Fully Loaded KODI 14.2
  • Amlogic Dual Core Processor
  • Mali 400 Quad Core 3D GPU
Your Price $99.99 LEARN MORE
Dual Core Android TV box

SkyStreamX 4

Streaming Media Player

The most powerful and fastest Streaming Media Player that SkyStreamX offers - Powered by a Quad Core Processor and an Eight Core Graphics Processor! This box guarantees you will never leave the couch again - not only because of the movies, but because of gaming and surfing too!

  • Streams up to 4K
  • Bluetooth Capable
  • Fully Loaded KODI 14.2
  • Amlogic Quad Core Processor
  • Mali450 Octo Core 3D GPU
Your Price $149.99 LEARN MORE
Quad Core Android TV Box

SkyStreamX Accessories


HDTV Indoor Antenna

Don’t waste your money paying for channels like ABC, Fox, CBS, NBC or PBS from your local cable provider. With this state-of-the-art Generation 2.0 HDTV Indoor Antenna with a 50 mile range and amplifier for signal boosting, you can get all of those channels for FREE for life!

  • Streams up to 1080P
  • Plug & Play Ready
  • 50 Mile Radius HD Antenna
Your Price $34.99 LEARN MORE
HD Antenna


Air Mouse Remote

Stop using a keyboard and mouse to control your Streaming Media Player and get with the new SkyStreamX Air Mouse Remote. On one side you have complete air mouse control and on the other you have a full QWERTY keyboard for endless searching and gaming - turns on and off the box too!

  • Turns box on and off
  • Full QWERTY keyboard
  • Fully programmable
Your Price $24.99 LEARN MORE
SkyStreamX Android Air Mouse Remote
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