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What is a VPN and do you need one? A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is a service or program that does a few different things to make your Internet usage more secure.  We could go into a long winded 20 page article on how exactly a VPN works, but we are not network engineers. Nor do we think that our user would be interested in all of the nuts and bolts. So we will keep it as short as possible. IPVanish VPN Service Express VPN Service When you’re on your computer at home and click on a website link, your internet connects to that website’s server. That server can see your IP address (Think of an IP Address as your computers home address.) When a server sees your IP address it keeps a record of it. Pretty much each and every website that you visit keeps track of each and every connection/IP address that connects to it. This process happens billions of times a minute all across the world. There are two negative things about how this works. The first is that your IP address/computer’s home address are out there and can be viewed by a wide range of people. These people include Hackers, Government employees (NSA, FBI, CIA), and most people with a modest knowledge of computer networks. Basically, whatever you view or websites that you visit can be tracked. This means that while you may feel secure surfing the web in your office or bedroom, basically everything that you do on your computer can be tracked and monitored. Privacy is nonexistent on the Internet. You can use Incognito Mode or Safe Browsing all that you want, but that only prevents things from being added to your browser history on your local device. The second problem with this is hackers. Hackers used to be more of a mischievous group. Hacking into things to see if they could, or for bragging rights. But today hacking is big business. It’s estimated that over 15 million people in the United States have their identities stolen each year. That is roughly 7% of the population. These staggering numbers grow each year and are poised to get even worse. While there are many various ways that hackers get credit card numbers and bank account information, one of the main ways that this happens is when people make online purchases. Most of the larger online retailers such as Amazon use HTTPS & SSL Certificates to encrypt customers sensitive data (SkyStream does both as well). Not all retailers take these security measures. If the online merchant and you are not using an encryption system or connection, the data is vulnerable to be intercepted by hackers. They basically hack into the connection between you and the merchant and intercept the data. You will never notice, the transaction will be completed just like any other. But now someone in some part of the world has your name, address, email address, and credit card information. They have everything they need...

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