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Here you will find our most frequently asked questions for the SkyStream Max | Android TV Streaming Media Player - if you can not find the questions and answer that you are looking for on this page, email our support team at or chat with us!

The Basics

It only takes 3 simple steps to get your SkyStream Max up and running. First, attach the SkyStream Max to your TV with the included HDMI cord. Second, plug the power cable into an electrical outlet. Third, follow the instructions on the tv to finish your set up!

Yes, you will need internet service for the SkyStream Max to work propertly. You can use a hot spot from your phone, connect via Wi-Fi or plug in the ethernet cable directly into the device.

Yes! When Google releases new updates for their Android TV operating system, the SkyStream Max will auto-update itself to the newest operating system for free!

Start Streaming

Yes! This device is fully certified by Google and also offers Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ and more all in 4K! (subscriptions may be required)

Of course! This device is customizable to your liking! The SkyStream Max comes with the Google Play Store, Google Movies & TV and the Google Play Music app as well to download other fun stuff from!

Yes! The SkyStream Max can work all over the world!