Frequently Asked Questions

When will my order ship?

We ship all orders within 48 hours. We will process all orders received on Friday, Saturday, Sunday or holidays on the next business day following that particular day. This includes FedEX overnight orders made on the weekend. These orders will be shipped out the next business day.

How long will it take to get my order?

Depending on if you reside the US or Internationally. If you are in the US, 2-5 days are average delivery times. If you are an International customer, 7-21 days but can vary depending on your countries importation rules and customs department.

What shipping carriers do you use?

We ship either USPS or FedEx depending on locations and cost.

How can I track my order?

Once your order has been shipped, you will receive an email with the tracking number and carrier. You can track your order on the couriers website.

Where do I enter my discount code?

Once you have made it to the Checkout page (not Cart), you will see a “Discount” box on the right side of the page. Input your discount code here and click “Apply”.

What are the shipping rates?

All orders over $100.00 are free shipping. International orders are calculated at Checkout with real time costs.

Where do you ship?

Anywhere in the world – However certain countries do not allow for the importation of products from the United States. We will not ship to these countries.

What about Customs Fees?

It would be nearly impossible for us to calculate Customs Fees for every international order that we ship out, therefore, the fees are your responsibility. Make sure you know what you have to pay before you place your order with us. We do not pay any customs, importation or VAT fees. These fees are solely on the customer to pay.

How can I change my order once it has been placed?

There are two ways you can change your order once it has been placed. Call us at 1-888-963-9105 or email us at Be sure to reference your order number and we will be able to assist you.

How do I return an item or get a refund?

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all boxes. If you are not satisfied within the first 30 days, either call us or email us and we will be happy to assist you with your return. We also have a 1 year warranty on our products, so if something happens and it stops working, call us or email us and we will take care of you. Return shipping is the responsibility of the customer when returning a product for a refund. This includes international orders. Local Antennas are not eligible for returns and are not covered in the 30 day money back guarantee.

What are my payment options?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express & the option to checkout using your Amazon account or PayPal account. We also accept Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Lite Coin.

How do I cancel my SkyStream Care Plan Subscription?

The easiest and fastest way to cancel the subscription plan is to email us at or call us at 888-963-9105. We will handle the rest.

Where can I purchase SkyStream Android TV Boxes?

We sell our boxes on our website (which is where you are now) or on and

Can I order a SkyStream box by phone?

Absolutely! Give us a call at 888-963-9105 and one of our streaming specialist will be able to assist you.

How safe is ordering online from your website?

Our site is fully secure with SSL and 256 bit encryption - consider our security as stong (maybe even stronger) than your banks!

Does the SkyStream get local channels?

Skystream Streaming Media Player do not receive local channels. We suggest getting a local HD antenna that is designed to get local channels through the air. We sell two different Models of the US made Mohu brand.

Can the SkyStream be used on multiple TV’s?

The SkyStream can run one TV at a time. However due to its small size and ease of hooking it up it can be moved from TV to TV very easily.
Tip – If you connect an extra HDMI cord to your second TV you will only need to transfer the SkyStream and the power cable to your second TV. This will save you the trouble of moving the HDMI cable each time you want to switch televisions.

Can multiple SkyStream’s be used in one household on one internet connection?

Yes, Multiple SkyStream’s can be used at one time off of the same internet connection. Please note that multiple SkyStream’s running at the same time will demand a faster internet connection. We recommend 10 Mbps per unit. So for 2 units we would recommend a 20 Mbps internet connection or more.

Can I use Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video or other streaming services?

Yes you can use services such as Netflix or Hulu using their apps from the App store. A subscription to any of these services are required to use their respective apps. Skystream devices do not circumvent any subscription based streaming services in any way.

Is streaming TV Shows and Movies from the internet illegal?

No. The laws state that downloading, possessing, distributing or profiting from copy written material is illegal. When you are streaming a TV show or movie you are not downloading it and are never in possession of it. Once the TV show or movie is done streaming all of the data from that stream is gone from your unit.

Do the SkyStream Android TV Boxes have Bluetooth?

Yes, all of the current SkyStream models come with built in Bluetooth.

What Operating System does the SkyStream TWO run on?

The SkyStream TWO runs on Android Nougat 7.1.2.

What else can I do on the SkyStream TV Boxes besides watch TV Shows, Movies and Sports?

Because the SkyStream TV Boxes run on the Android operating system you can do everything you can do on an android phone or tablet. You are able to download any of the 800,000+ android applications from the app store. You can surf the web, watch Youtube videos, check emails, make Skype calls (Compatible webcam required), Social Media, play games (We recommend a USB gaming controller,) and just about anything else that a normal android device can do.

What media center comes on the SkyStream Android TV Boxes?

SkyStream currently offers the SkyStream Media Center, which is a fork of a very common media center. We update this media center as we see appropriate.

Does the Media Center come preloaded with apps built in, or do I need to install them myself?

SkyStream Android TV Boxes come with the SkyStreamTV Updater Application already installed. The SkyStreamTV Updater will keep all of your streaming applications up-to-date latest streaming applications.

Do the Media Center applications update themselves, or do I need to manually update them?

All of the Media Center applications on the SkyStream boxes automatically update themselves.

Does the content in media center update when new content comes out?

Yes, all of the Media Center applications that come on our units update their content offerings daily.

Is there a warranty on the SkyStream Android TV Boxes?

Yes, every SkyStream TV Box is quality tested before it ships out to a customer. We offer a 1 year warranty on each unit (Physical damage and Water damage caused by the customer is not included in this warranty.)

Do you offer technical support and customer support for your products?

We offer both technical support and customer support via email, phone, and chat.
Email Address –
Phone Number – 888-963-9105 9AM-5PM Mon–Fri – EST

Are your products able to record video content like a DVR?

No, our Streaming Media Players do not offer downloading or a DVR service. Our media players are designed and sold as on demand streaming devices.

Can I connect an external hard drive to my SkyStream?

Yes you can connect an external hard drive to our SkyStream models via a USB cord. However some external hard drives draw too much power for the USB port to provide. This can happen with large external hard drives of 1 Tb or bigger. In this case you will need to provide your external hard drive with an external power source. These products can be found at almost any electronics store.

Is there a parental control program on the SkyStream that can block content by rating?

Unfortunately the media center is not able to block content by rating. However within the media center you can set a master password that need to be entered in order to be able to open certain genres of content. For example you can place a password on video content, but leave music content open.

Are there any extra charges or monthly fees that I would need to pay for?

We do not charge any monthly fees. However paid subscriptions are required for certain streaming services like Netlfix, Hulu and Amazon Instant Video.

What should I use to control my SkyStream and navigate through it?

The SkyStream TWO comes with a standard remote control. We suggest purchasing the SkyStream Air Mouse for better functionality when using the box.

My SkyStream Android TV Box doesn’t turn on?

Make sure the power plug is pushed into the SkyStream all the way and the other end is plugged into a wall unit that has power. If both ends of the power cord are connected properly and you have tested it on multiple power outlets and the unit is still not turning on. Please contact customer service at or 888-963-9105

The SkyStream Android TV Box is turned on but I can’t see anything on my TV?

Make sure that the HDMI cable is plugged in all the way for both the SkyStream and your TV. Make sure your TV is on the correct source for the HDMI input that the SkyStream is plugged into.

The display on my screen is too big or too small

Click settings. Click Display, Click Screen position. Adjust until the screen fits your TV using the plus and minus symbols and then click back.

My Wifi isn’t working

Click settings. Click Network. Click Wifi, Click on your Wifi network. Enter Password (Make sure the password is correct, Click symbols to add any symbols that may be in your password)

I am completely unfamiliar with the Android Operating system. Can you help?

If you are completely unfamiliar with how to use the Android Operating system or how to use a certain Android feature please search the internet for a guide to using Android or search the internet on how to use the feature that you are trying to use. There are many sources on the internet that offer excellent tutorials on how to fully utilize the Android operating system.

How to do I hook up my USB wireless keyboard and or mouse to my SkyStream Android TV Box?

Simply plug in the USB dongle that comes with your wireless USB keyboard or mouse into one of the USB ports on the SkyStream Android TV Box. You do not need to reboot your SkyStream Android TV Box, your USB device should begin working once you have plugged in your USB device.

How can I hook up a bluetooth device to my SkyStream Android TV Box?

To enable Bluetooth click on Settings, Add accessory. Now turn on Bluetooth. The unit will start searching for Bluetooth devices. Follow the pairing instructions for the Bluetooth device you are trying to connect and you should be good to go.

Can I hook up my SkyStream Android TV Box to a home network or other media center devices such as computers?

While this is possible to do, we do not support or offer customer support for this feature. There are many websites that offer support to do this, but we do not sell the SkyStream Android TV Box to do this. If you want to hook up the SkyStream Android TV Box to a home network we suggest researching online to figure out how to do this. SkyStream does not offer support in doing this.

Can I upgrade from the version of Android that comes on My SkyStream unit?

The version of Android that is on your unit is currently the most stable version of Android for TV Boxes. The version of Android is chipset specific and cannot be updated.

Adjusting Display size for your TV

Click Settings. Click Display, Click Screen position, Press the Minus and Plus symbols to adjust the display to your TV. Click back.

Adjusting Date & Time

Click Settings, Other, More Settings, Scroll down to Date & Time and click on it, Click Automatic Date & Time, or adjust manually. Also make sure to adjust the Time Zone to match your location.

External Hard Drive Connection

Here is how to connect an external hard drive to your SkyStream.Plug the USB cord into one of the USB ports on your SkyStream Android TV Box. Connect the other connection plug into your external hard drive.

My SkyStream will not boot up / 4 colored circles / boot logo

If your SkyStream Android TV Box gets stuck booting up this is what you might see.

The SkyStream Logo
Elite Mods Logo
4 Colored circles spinning

The first thing to do is to unplug your unit from the power supply. Let it sit for 30 seconds. Plug the unit back in.
Your unit should boot up back to the home screen after running through the boot sequence.
If you unit still gets stuck on the boot sequence please contact us at or call 888-963-9105.

Checking Internet Speed / Running a Speed Test

As your SkyStream relies on your internet connection to stream video content, it is very important that you have a reliable and fast internet connection.
Here is how to check and see how much internet is getting to your SkyStream unit.
Go to all apps, Scroll down until you see the Speedtest app. Click on the speedtest app. Click begin test. Let the test run and see what speeds you are getting.
For optimal streaming you should have over 10,000 Kbps or 10 Mbps Download. Upload speed is not as important as Download speed.
If you are getting less than the recommended speed posted above here are some options.

Move your Wifi router closer to the SkyStream unit.
Reset your Internet Modem by unplugging it for 30 seconds and then plugging it back in.
Contact your internet provider if you are not getting close to the amount of internet speed that you are paying for.

External Hard Drive won't power up when connected via USB

Some larger external hard drives, usually 500 Gb or larger draw more power to be able to run then the USB ports on your unit can produce.

If the external hard drive you are trying to connect will not power up when connected to the USB port you will need to purchase a USB power source that can power the external hard drive. This will give the external hard drive the amount of power it needs to operate. You can then connect the external hard drive to the SkyStream and access all of your files.

How to add shortcuts to my media center homescreen on the SkyStream Android TV?

From the media center homescreen click on System, Settings, Appearance, Skin, Setting, Add-on Shortcuts. Click on 1-7 and then select what add-on you would like to be on the home screen.

All of the TV Shows and Movies that I watch buffer constantly.

Step 1 - Unplug your router and modem. Leave them unplugged for 30 seconds. Plug them back in and let them cycle until they are back up and running.
Step 2 - Run a speed test on your SkyStream Android TV Box. Click on All Apps. Scroll down until you see Ookla Speed Test. Click on it and click on Begin Test. You should have at least 10 Mbps, or 10,000 Kbps download speed. If your speed is lower then this then you may need to upgrade your internet speed in order to stream without buffering.
Step 3 - To increase your internet speed you can move your Wireless router closer to the SkyStream unit or hard wire the internet directly to the unit. If you have followed all of these steps and you have over 10 Mbps or 10,000 Kbps download speed you have done everything that you can to help minimize buffering. Please note that not every stream is able to provide enough data to stream the video content you are trying to watch. If you are still experiencing buffering on a stream, you will need to try another stream source.

My videos buffer a lot

Check your internet speed with (Ookla). We recommend a stable internet speed of 10 MBPS or more for the best internet experience. The faster internet connection you have the faster your TV Show, Live Sports and HD Movies will load. If you have under 10 MBPS you should consider upgrading your internet speed. Remember, each Add-Ons is separately managed by a Third Party that is not affiliated with SkyStream Android TV Box or SkyStream Technologies. There will be times when applications do not operate as they should and you may experience down time or slow rates which could cause buffering. When this does happen, we suggest looking at a new source or application to correct the problem.

How do I add favorites to the media center and access my favorites while using the media center?

When you find a TV series or HD movie that you want to save as a favorite you need to click C on your USB wireless keyboard or Menu button on your stock controller. This will bring up the menu and you will be able to click on “Save as a Favorite.” To access your favorites you will need to click on the star icon at the bottom left side of the media center home screen. Simply click on the star icon and a menu will slide out from the right side of the screen. Scroll over to that menu and choose the favorite you wish to view.

Stream Source asking to enter Captcha or Password in the media center

Some stream sources will ask you to enter a Captcha or password before the stream will open.
When the keyboard screen pops up enter the Captcha or Password as best you can. Once you enter it, click done and the stream will attempt to open.
If you do not want to enter the password simply choose another stream source to view the video content you wish to view.

Media Center Unable to resolve URL Error

If you click on a stream source and receive a "Unable to resolve URL" this means that the file you were trying to view is no longer available from this link. Try clicking on another stream source to view the video content you are trying to watch.

Media Center No Stream Available

If you click on a stream source and see "No Stream Available" this means that the file you were trying to view is no longer available from this link. Try clicking on another stream source to view the video content you are trying to watch.

How to properly close and exit out of the media center

The media center runs scripts and performs updates while it is open. That is why it is very important to let the media center close on its own. Clicking home or turning off your SkyStream Android TV Box while the media center can cause the media center to have errors and stop working. It is very important that you follow the procedure below when exiting the media center.

1. Exit out of any video or app that you are using.
2. On the home screen of the media center there are two icons at the bottom left of the screen. The Star icon is your favorites button. Next to the Star Icon is a Power Icon. Click on the power icon.
3. A pop up will appear and will have only one choice to click on which is exit. Click on Exit.
4. Wait until the Media Center closes (This may take 1-45 seconds depending on if the media center is performing any updates in the backround.)
5. Once the media center has fully closed you will end up back on the home screen of your SkyStream device.

Accessing Favorites on the Media Center homepage

In the media center you will see a star in the lower left hand corner of the screen, Click on the star, Your favorites will pop up on the right side of the screen, click on the favorite you wish to view.

Adding Favorites in the Media Center (For shows, seasons or movies that you want to be able to access quickly without searching for.)

Open the Add on you are using to view the media, search for the media, click C on a keyboard or Menu on the controller, highlight “Add to Favorites”, Click Left mouse button on keyboard or OK on controller. (If you add the main folder of a show as a favorite it will bring you back to that folder when you select the favorite later. If you choose a season as a favorite it will bring you back to that season when you click on the favorite later. Please note that some apps only save favorites in that particular app and not on the media center homepage.)

PVR Connection Lost Argus keeps popping up

Sometimes the media center automatically turns on a feature that some people use to connect the media center to a local server. This is called PVR.
If you are getting pop ups saying "Connection to Argus TV Client Connection Lost" here is how to fix it.
In the media center go to settings. Click on live TV, click on General. Uncheck the blue dot for "Enabled"
Turn on the blue dot for "Do not show connection lost warnings."
That is it. You will no longer see those pop ups appear while using the Media Center.

Can I install a newer version of the Media Center then what comes on the SkyStream?

We recommend not upgrading your box on your own. When we feel that there has been a new release that is stable enough for the SkyStream box, we will release the update via the SkyStream Updater App and also let you know via email, Facebook and RSS feed on the bottom of the media center.

My Media Center will not open / the media center apps aren't there / media center issues

Please send us an email at and describe the situation you are experiencing.

DO NOT do a factory reset - This will cause the media center and other video apps to be deleted. DO NOT clear data in the media center or any other programs - This will delete any programs that you do this to.

Logitech K400 Wireless USB Keyboard Button List

Music Symbol - Brings you to the standard Android music player or Spotify (Your Choice)
Home Symbol - Brings you to the units home screen
Lock PC - Will bring you to the Google Play store
Power PC - Will put your SkyStream to Sleep (Will not wake it back up on the SkyStream Dual Core)
F10 - Mute
F11 - Volume Down
F12 Volume Up
Backspace - Deletes letters and numbers while typing
Trackpad - This is used as your mouse. Single finger touching will move the cursor around. Two fingers at a time will scroll up and down on web pages and the media center.
Left Mouse button - Main select button
Right Mouse Button - Your main back button (Will also delete letter and numbers while typing in the media center)
Up, Down, Left, Right keys - You can use these to navigate on the unit and in the media center.

Media Center Controls

O - brings up information about the system and stream while viewing a stream. You can view how much data you have while watching a stream.
Z - Zooms video content
C - Brings up the menu while highlighting Add-ons. You can also highlight streams and folders, click the C button and add them to your favorites.
F7 - Rewind Streams
F8 - Play or pause streams
F9 - Fast forward streams
Space Bar - Pause
Up, Down, Left, Right keys - You can use these keys to navigate up and down lists in the media center.

My Screen is small / Aspect ratio / left side of tv / video is shrunk

If the picture on your TV screen is small and placed in the lower left side of your screen, you most likely hit the \ key on your wireless keyboard by accident.
If this has happened to you simply click the \ key again and your screen will return to its normal size.

Wireless Keyboard Controls in the Media Center

P - Play
Q - Queue
F - Fast Forward
R - Rewind
Space Bar - Pause
X - Stop
/ - Toggles from full screen to 30% Screen
F8 - Mute
F9 - Volume Down
F10 - Volume Up
Z - Zoom / Aspect Ratio
O - Stream information and System Info
T - Show Subtitles
Left Mouse Button - Select
Right Mouse Button - Back & Delete characters when typing
C - Menu on Addons & Add a link to your favorites
Control + Alt + Delete = Restart Unit



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