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We are sure you have heard of Youtube. Youtube is a video streaming platform where anyone can upload videos to and allow the world to view them. In this article  we will show you why Youtube is the most underrated streaming app around and why it is a great to use on your SkystreamX Android TV Box. But first a few crazy Youtube statistics. 1.3 Billion use Youtube all over the world. That is almost 19% of the entire world’s population! over 300 hours of video is uploaded to Youtube every minute. That is 18,000 hours of video uploaded every hour and over 432,000 hours uploaded each day! Over 3.25 Billion hours of video are watched on Youtube each month. That is over 78 Billion hours viewed each year! So let’s get down to why Youtube is so underrated and why it is so awesome to use on your SkystreamX Android TV Box. Hands down Youtube has the largest amount of streaming content in the world. With so much content there is something for everyone. While Youtube does not stream TV Shows and Movies, it has content on just about any subject. We will touch on just a few things you can find on Youtube. 4K Content on Youtube Youtube has a huge selection of 4K content. Maybe the largest in the world. Now this content is not the newest blockbuster as Youtube does not allow any copywritten content to be uploaded onto its site. But they have a ridiculous amount of beautiful 4K content from all over the world. From the beaches of Hawaii, to the skyscrapers in Dubai, Youtube has it in 4K. They also have lots of cook 4K drone footage. If you want to show of your brand new 4K TV to your friends, just type 4K into the search bar in Youtube and stream away.   Live News on Youtube Youtube recently rolled out a feature that allows users to live stream content onto Youtube. These streams are live when the user is live streaming them and then get turned into an on demand video after the live stream has ended. This has led many major news outlets to live stream large news events on Youtube as it reaches millions of people in real time. Simply type news,  live news or live into the search bar and start looking for news stories or live streams that interest you.   Hobby and Interest videos on Youtube This is one of our favorite types of streaming content on Youtube. Everyone has a hobby or something that they are interested in. Chances are if you are interested in it, other people are as well and there is a 99.9% chance that Youtube has tons of videos on whatever you are interested in. Don’t be scared, give it a try. We are pretty sure you will be blown away by how much cool content there is on whatever you are searching for. Cooking, Cars, Electronics, Golf, Interior Design, Photography,...

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There are lots of questions going into the final debate before the Presidential Election next month. What kind of pant suit will Hilary wear? What kind of strange faces will Donald Trump make? Ok, so maybe there are some more pressing issues. One of the biggest questions is where can you stream the final debate? We’ve got you covered on that. The final presidential debate will take place tomorrow night at 9 PM ET/ 6 PM PT and will be moderated by Fox News’ Chris Wallace. Every major broadcaster will air the debate. So if you have an HD Antenna, you’ll be golden. But don’t worry, even if you don’t have an Antenna, there are still plenty of places to stream the debate. YouTube will be airing the debate. You can choose any major network’s YouTube channel and watch there. We’ve included a link to the PBS stream below, because we’ve got your back. If you’re watching on a mobile device, the ABC News, NBC News, and CBS News apps for Android and iOS will have the debate streaming. For those of you who may not be able to stand the sight of the two candidates, but would still like to listen, www.npr.org has you covered on that front. If you don’t want to watch, that’s cool too. We hope this helps for those of you who will be tuning in. As always, Stream On!  

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For the Skystream ONE Android TV Box we added in some convenient power settings. We have incorporated a Sleep Mode and a Power Off function.   Sleep Mode To put your Skystream ONE into Sleep Mode, simply give the Power Button on the stock remote a quick press. This will put the Skystream ONE into Sleep Mode. To exit out of sleep mode and use your ONE, simply give the power button a quick press, the unit will wake up and you can use it immediately. Please Note – Putting the ONE into sleep mode will keep the small blue LED light on. If you wish to have the Blue LED light off, simply turn the unit completely off.   Power Off To completely Power Off your Skystream ONE, Press and hold the Power Button. You will see a pop up appear in the center of your screen. (Pictured Below) Simply click the power button once and the unit will Power Off. This will completely shut off your Skystream ONE. To turn your unit back on, simply press the power button and let the unit boot to the home screen. Using the Power Off function will turn the bright blue LED into a dim red LED.

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What are Network Powerline Adapters? Almost everyone has a Wi-Fi router in their house these days. Wi-Fi gives you the convenience of being able to connect many wireless devices to the internet by just connecting to the router and entering the password. Due to its convenience Wi-Fi is extremely common these days. Most cable company modems come with Wi-Fi capabilities, but they normally charge the customer a monthly fee for the privilege of using the Wi-Fi. Click below if you would like to know how to save money each month on your cable bill. While Wi-Fi is great and super convenient, but it does have some downfalls that we will discuss. The first downfall that Wi-Fi has is that it loses speed over distance and through obstacles. The farther you are from your Wi-Fi router, the slower speeds you will get. The more obstacles like walls, glass and furniture the Wi-Fi signal has to go through to get to the device you are using, the slower the speeds are going to be. In the GIF below you can see how a Wi-Fi signal travels through obstacles. You can see how the signal deteriorates over distance and through obstacles. Many customers that we speak to have routers that are on a second or third story, in a basement or are on one end of the house. Most cable company techs look for the easiest place to put the Wi-Fi modem, not taking into consideration where the Wi-Fi will be used in the house. When this happens customers are left with weak Wi-Fi speeds in certain areas of the house. While slow internet speeds and spotty Wi-Fi is not as noticeable or important when casually browning social media, It becomes much more noticeable when you are streaming or gaming which require constant strong internet speeds. If you are on your phone and a website takes twice as long to load it may be annoying, but the website will eventually load. When you are streaming or gaming you need a constant stream of quality bandwidth. This is why we always recommend connecting your Skystream Android TV Box directly to your modem with an Ethernet cord. This provides the fastest and most stable internet connection for your unit. But what do you do when your internet modem is in your basement, second or third floor and your TV is on the first floor? A few years ago you would have to run an Ethernet cord through your walls or attic to bring hardwired internet to another place in your house. If you have ever run wires through your walls or attic, you know that it is not fun and takes a long time. This is where Network Powerline Adapters come into play. Network Powerline Adapters come in pairs. One unit is plugged into a power plug close to your internet Modem. Then an Ethernet cable is plugged into the Network Powerline Adapter. The other end of the Ethernet cable is plugged into the back...

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What is HDMI CEC Have you ever turned off your TV and your SkyStream Android TV Box turns off as well? If so, this is caused by something called HDMI CEC or HDMI Consumer Electronics Control. For the rest of the article we will simply call it CEC. So what exactly is CEC? CEC is a feature of HDMI 1.4 and HDMI 2.0 which allows different electronic devices to communicate and control other electronic devices through the HDMI cable. For instance CEC can turn off other devices such as a SkyStream Android TV Box when the TV is turned off. It can also be programmed so that when you turn on a device it changes the TV’s input source to the same source as the device that was just turned on. While HDMI CEC can be mildly convenient for home theater junkies with 15 devices connected to their TV; the normal TV owner is normally confused as to why certain devices are turning on and off when they press the power button on their TV. Most people have no idea what HDMI CEC is and have no real use for it. It’s not a very popular feature and most people do not even know that it exists. If you think HDMI CEC might be useful for you and your home entertainment center, Please feel free to do some research and set it up for what you would like it to do. But for the rest of 99.9% of people reading this who have no use for it and find it annoying, we will tell you how to turn off this setting. The best way to make sure that none of the devices connected to your TV do wacky things when you power off your TV is to turn off HDMI CEC in your TV’s settings. While this may sound super easy, it can get confusing depending on what brand or model TV you have in your house. Most of the big name TV manufacturers have come up with some kind of quirky name for HDMI CEC. Whatever clever name your TV manufacturer has come up with for it, rest assured it is simply HDMI CEC with a different name. Below is a list of some of the names that different TV brands have come up with for CEC.   Samsung – Anynet+ Sony – BRAVIA Link or BRAVIA Sync Sharp – Aquos Link Hitachi – HDMI-CEC Vizio – HMDI CEC Pioneer – Kuro Link Toshiba – Regza Link or CE-Link Onkyo – RIHD (Remote Interactive over HDMI) LG – SimpLink Panasonic – VIERA Link or HDAVI Control or EZ-Sync Philips – EasyLink Mitsubishi – NetCommand for HDMI As you can see, it is would be nearly impossible for the average consumer to pick any of these names (besides Hitachi & Vizio) in a setting menu and figure out that it controls other devices through HDMI. Hence the confusion. So if you have any of these models of TVs, go into...

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If you have a Cable or Satellite provider for your TV, then I am sure you love getting your monthly bill each month and sending them you’re hard earned money. But have you ever sat down and really looked at your Cable TV Bill closely? You have probably glanced at it and noticed that there are about 15 mines items on each bill. Seems a little bit odd considering you only get cable and internet form them right? So what are all of those other lines items on your bill? These are what the Cable and Satellite companies call “Additional Services.” But you only get TV and Internet right? So what additional services are you paying for each and every month? Keep reading to find out. The first line item on your bill is probably your handy dandy TV bundle. This is your monthly cost for standard channels, basic channels, digital services and Channel Guide. Please keep in mind that this is usually your promotional package price. This line item is normally the one that goes up each and every year. Also keep in mind if you got a promotional offer for 12 or 24 months that this price is guaranteed to go up dramatically after that period of time is over. The second line item on your Cable or Satellite TV bill is usually your “Ultra Super Mega Turbo Lighting High Speed Broadband Internet.” This is the service that they call and send you fliers for trying to get you to upgrade for a nominally monthly charge of over $15. So that should sum up your bill right? That’s all you should be paying for right? Not exactly, the cable company needs to make a larger profit so they nickel and dime you to death so they can post record profits. But what else can they charge me for each month? I only get TV and Internet? Read on and I’ll tell you. HD Channels – You think your TV provider is giving you all of those great HD channels for free? Think again. You are probably paying an extra $8-15 extra per month for those HD channels. I bet you thought that was included in your bundle. Think again. HD Receiver – How do you receive those HD channels you are paying for each month? With a premium HD receiver of course.  What is premium about it? It’s premium because you pay an $8-15 premium for the privilege to use the cable company’s hardware necessary to receive their services. DVR – You’ve got your HD Channels, and your HD receiver but how are you going to record your favorite shows? With an upgraded Premium DVR Box courtesy of your cable or satellite TV provider of course. Your premium DVR HD Ultra Premium box will normally set you back $5-10 each month. Additional Boxes – You probably have more than one TV in your house. So how are you going to enjoy all of your HD channels on every...

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The first of course will be trusty old cable TV. Cable is like your friend from high school. You know the one who is generally reliable but is always asking you to borrow money. He never repays his debt to you, but since you’ve known him for a long time you never call him out for owing you money. You don’t really like him that much anymore, but you’re comfortable with him and you think you will hurt his feelings if you tell him to take a hike. In reality, the cable company does not care about you or loyalty to them. Their main objective is to generate as much income as they possible can from each subscriber. Hence calls and mailers offering seemingly great deals if you “Bundle” your services, Add a phone line, up your internet speed and add premium channels. Why are they always raising there prices on you each year and always trying to up sell you? The Cable companies know that they have a limited amount of customers. Most people who use cable already have it. So the only way to increase revenue is to charge more for there services or convince you to add services. Another reason they are always trying to reach into your pockets is that they exactly what I know. Cable is becoming a thing of the past. The internet has a thing for making things obsolete and fast. There is a great article in your local newspaper and favorite magazine. Oh wait, you don’t receive those anymore because they are all online. See my point? Cable companies know that streaming media is the wave of the future. They are quickly becoming the CD of the music industry. Once great but now obsolete. But you’ve had cable for years. You even pay extra for premium channels and a phone line. Surely they will appreciate your loyalty and give you there new promotional offer price that you saw on TV for new subscribers right? Good luck with that one chief. The most popular responses you will get from the cable company after waiting on hold forever will be something like this. “I’m sorry sir or ma’am. That promotion is only for new customers. However we have a special package for existing customers. If you upgrade to our super awesome turbo boosted internet speed, add a second phone line and add a home security system your monthly fee will only be $249.99 for the first 12 months. ” Sound familiar? I have been there as well. I felt as if they only valued me when they can up my bill. And that is exactly the case. You are a dollar symbol to them and you are allowing it because you are comfortable and feel it will be painful to switch. I was in your same position almost a year ago. I received Cable, HD, DVR and Internet from one of the major cable companies. With a few boxes and a couple of premium...

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Everyone loves music! That is a fact that has been proven time and time again by the popularity of streaming music apps. Streaming music to your smart phone, tablet or computer is great for when you are on the run or driving to work. But what do you do when you are working out at home, cleaning the house, having a dinner party or just relaxing with your special someone? You have a few options. The first is to grab your smart phone or tablet, start streaming music, kill your battery and listen to your favorite songs through inferior tiny speakers. The second option is to spend hours connecting your computer to your home sound system and running to your computer whenever you want to change songs. The third option is to buy an expensive docking system to hook up your mobile device to your home sound system. This expensive docking station does only one thing, docks your mobile device to your sound system and maybe charge your device. Heaven forbid you get a new phone with a different connection; you now have a useless docking device that is worthless. Your fourth and best option is to purchase and hook up a SkyStreamX Android Internet TV box to your TV. You most likely have a great surround sound system hooked up to your TV already. Why not stream all of your favorite music directly to your TV and have it play through your TV and or your banging surround sound system? The SkyStream streams music directly to your TV from all of your favorite streaming music apps. Here is a short list of some of the streaming music apps you can play through your sound system with ease. No more draining your battery, expensive docking stations, or difficult installation of cables to hook your computer to your TV. Pandora Spotify Grooveshark Sound Cloud Google Play Deezer Napster Blinkbox Rdio Iheart Radio Sony Music Unlimited Magic Radio Songza Usound Player I can keep going, but I think you get the idea. So stop wasting time listening to streaming music through your mobile device. Stop wasting money on expensive docking stations. Stop running cables through your walls trying to hook your computer up to your sound system. Simply connect your SkyStream Android TV Box to your TV and stream all the music your little heart desires through your sound system. Hear all the highs, mids and bass the artist wanted you to hear. Don’t rob yourself of great sounding music just because you are streaming it!!!

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