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The first of course will be trusty old cable TV. Cable is like your friend from high school. You know the one who is generally reliable but is always asking you to borrow money. He never repays his debt to you, but since you’ve known him for a long time you never call him out for owing you money. You don’t really like him that much anymore, but you’re comfortable with him and you think you will hurt his feelings if you tell him to take a hike. In reality, the cable company does not care about you or loyalty to them. Their main objective is to generate as much income as they possible can from each subscriber. Hence calls and mailers offering seemingly great deals if you “Bundle” your services, Add a phone line, up your internet speed and add premium channels. Why are they always raising there prices on you each year and always trying to up sell you? The Cable companies know that they have a limited amount of customers. Most people who use cable already have it. So the only way to increase revenue is to charge more for there services or convince you to add services. Another reason they are always trying to reach into your pockets is that they exactly what I know. Cable is becoming a thing of the past. The internet has a thing for making things obsolete and fast. There is a great article in your local newspaper and favorite magazine. Oh wait, you don’t receive those anymore because they are all online. See my point? Cable companies know that streaming media is the wave of the future. They are quickly becoming the CD of the music industry. Once great but now obsolete. But you’ve had cable for years. You even pay extra for premium channels and a phone line. Surely they will appreciate your loyalty and give you there new promotional offer price that you saw on TV for new subscribers right? Good luck with that one chief. The most popular responses you will get from the cable company after waiting on hold forever will be something like this. “I’m sorry sir or ma’am. That promotion is only for new customers. However we have a special package for existing customers. If you upgrade to our super awesome turbo boosted internet speed, add a second phone line and add a home security system your monthly fee will only be $249.99 for the first 12 months. ” Sound familiar? I have been there as well. I felt as if they only valued me when they can up my bill. And that is exactly the case. You are a dollar symbol to them and you are allowing it because you are comfortable and feel it will be painful to switch. I was in your same position almost a year ago. I received Cable, HD, DVR and Internet from one of the major cable companies. With a few boxes and a couple of premium...

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Everyone loves music! That is a fact that has been proven time and time again by the popularity of streaming music apps. Streaming music to your smart phone, tablet or computer is great for when you are on the run or driving to work. But what do you do when you are working out at home, cleaning the house, having a dinner party or just relaxing with your special someone? You have a few options. The first is to grab your smart phone or tablet, start streaming music, kill your battery and listen to your favorite songs through inferior tiny speakers. The second option is to spend hours connecting your computer to your home sound system and running to your computer whenever you want to change songs. The third option is to buy an expensive docking system to hook up your mobile device to your home sound system. This expensive docking station does only one thing, docks your mobile device to your sound system and maybe charge your device. Heaven forbid you get a new phone with a different connection; you now have a useless docking device that is worthless. Your fourth and best option is to purchase and hook up a SkyStreamX Android Internet TV box to your TV. You most likely have a great surround sound system hooked up to your TV already. Why not stream all of your favorite music directly to your TV and have it play through your TV and or your banging surround sound system? The SkyStream streams music directly to your TV from all of your favorite streaming music apps. Here is a short list of some of the streaming music apps you can play through your sound system with ease. No more draining your battery, expensive docking stations, or difficult installation of cables to hook your computer to your TV. Pandora Spotify Grooveshark Sound Cloud Google Play Deezer Napster Blinkbox Rdio Iheart Radio Sony Music Unlimited Magic Radio Songza Usound Player I can keep going, but I think you get the idea. So stop wasting time listening to streaming music through your mobile device. Stop wasting money on expensive docking stations. Stop running cables through your walls trying to hook your computer up to your sound system. Simply connect your SkyStream Android TV Box to your TV and stream all the music your little heart desires through your sound system. Hear all the highs, mids and bass the artist wanted you to hear. Don’t rob yourself of great sounding music just because you are streaming it!!!

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The SkyStream Android TV Box will make your TV become a smart TV and make it come to life by giving it programs and apps that you can really use every day. With access to the Google Play Store and the Android App Store, there is no way your TV is not going to be flooded with games and applications that will be fun and helpful every day! Download apps from the Google Play Store right to the SkyStream Android TV Box and have complete access to them right through your TV. From web browsers to games, and office apps to music players, your TV is getting an upgrade to “Smart”! It’s as simple as turning on your TV, going to the Google Play Store and searching for apps that you want to install. Pandora, Netflix, Hulu, the list can go on and on. If you think it may be on there, you will be able to find it – no question asked. Download your favorite social media site like Facebook or Twitter and have access to it right from your couch. If you’re looking for a web browser on your TV, look no further. Our built in web browser makes you feel like your sitting in front of your computer. Web browser such as Google Chrome, Opera and more allow you to surf using your favorite browser, almost like you never left your desk. So if you are looking for a cool gadget that is going to turn your TV into the ultimate multimedia gateway allowing an “un-smart” TV to turn into a smart TV – You have come to the right spot. Get your SkyStream Android TV Box and experience the smartest TV on earth!

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