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Skystream Partners with Affirm Monthly Payments

Skystream Affirm Payment

In our ongoing effort to improve and evolve, we started looking for ways that our customers could start cutting the cord while not paying for everything up front. How great would it be if we could find a way for our customers to start saving money each month while not paying the full amount at once. How awesome would it be if our customers could have save enough money in three months to cover the cost of a Skystream TWO Streaming Media Player, and then be saving money each month for years to come.

That day is here! We recently partnered with Affirm Monthly Payments who is an innovator in scheduled payments. Normal companies allow you to offset your payments by charging you high interest rates. Affirm has flipped this model upside down and does not charge the customer a single dime in interest! So if you were to buy a Skystream TWO for $174.99, you would only pay $174.99 in total after 3 months.

Here is how it works. You checkout as you normally would on our website. When you get to the payment section you click on Affirm Monthly Payments. You will then be brought to the Affirm website to complete the purchase. Once completed you will have 30 days until you make your first of three monthly payments. Remember you are not being charged a dime over what the purchase cost is.

I know what you're thinking, what's the catch? Affirm isn't just offering free credit because they are nice people. As we stated before they have turned the scheduled payment model upside down. When our customers take advantage of this great scheduled payment system, Affirm charges Skystream a small fee per customer. So in essence, we are funding this field trip and glad to do it if we can help more people cut the cord and save money! :)

We feel that if we can offer the option and freedom of cord cutting to an even wider audience and help them save money each and every month, we are helping to make the world a slightly better place.

Here is an example of how it works.

Skystream - $174.99 with free shipping.

0-30 days - No payment

Day 31 - $58.33 Payment

Day 61 - $58.33 Payment

Day 91 - $58.33 Payment

No further payments ever after this.

Being that the average TV bill is over $60 you will most likely be saving a few bucks in the first 3 months by cutting the cord. In essence you are getting paid a few bucks a month to own a device that will save you money each and every month for many years to come.

We hope that this new 0 interest delayed payment schedule will help a lot of people overcome the hurdle of purchasing a money saving device like the Skystream TWO Android TV Box and having to pay for it that day. This way you can ease into cord cutting and get paid to start saving money. It's a win win for everyone.

If you want to learn more about how much money you can save each month by cutting the cord please read our article on How much money you can save and what to expect.