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Youtube – The Most Underrated Streaming App for an Android TV Box

We are sure you have heard of Youtube. Youtube is a video streaming platform where anyone can upload videos to and allow the world to view them. In this article  we will show you why Youtube is the most underrated streaming app around and why it is a great to use on your SkystreamX Android TV Box. But first a few crazy Youtube statistics.

  • 1.3 Billion use Youtube all over the world. That is almost 19% of the entire world’s population!
  • over 300 hours of video is uploaded to Youtube every minute. That is 18,000 hours of video uploaded every hour and over 432,000 hours uploaded each day!
  • Over 3.25 Billion hours of video are watched on Youtube each month. That is over 78 Billion hours viewed each year!

So let’s get down to why Youtube is so underrated and why it is so awesome to use on your SkystreamX Android TV Box.

Hands down Youtube has the largest amount of streaming content in the world. With so much content there is something for everyone. While Youtube does not stream TV Shows and Movies, it has content on just about any subject. We will touch on just a few things you can find on Youtube.

4K Content on Youtube

Youtube has a huge selection of 4K content. Maybe the largest in the world. Now this content is not the newest blockbuster as Youtube does not allow any copywritten content to be uploaded onto its site. But they have a ridiculous amount of beautiful 4K content from all over the world. From the beaches of Hawaii, to the skyscrapers in Dubai, Youtube has it in 4K. They also have lots of cook 4K drone footage. If you want to show of your brand new 4K TV to your friends, just type 4K into the search bar in Youtube and stream away.

Youtube 4K Streaming

4K Android TV Box


Live News on Youtube

Youtube recently rolled out a feature that allows users to live stream content onto Youtube. These streams are live when the user is live streaming them and then get turned into an on demand video after the live stream has ended. This has led many major news outlets to live stream large news events on Youtube as it reaches millions of people in real time. Simply type news,  live news or live into the search bar and start looking for news stories or live streams that interest you.

Android TV Box Live News

Android TV Box News


Hobby and Interest videos on Youtube

This is one of our favorite types of streaming content on Youtube. Everyone has a hobby or something that they are interested in. Chances are if you are interested in it, other people are as well and there is a 99.9% chance that Youtube has tons of videos on whatever you are interested in. Don’t be scared, give it a try. We are pretty sure you will be blown away by how much cool content there is on whatever you are searching for. Cooking, Cars, Electronics, Golf, Interior Design, Photography, Etc… The list could go on forever.





How to Videos, Self Help Videos and Learning Videos on YouTube

As you are starting to see, there is almost nothing you cannot find on Youtube to stream. Want to learn how to speed up your internet? Want to learn how to maintain your Air Conditioner? Want to start learning a new language? Want some relaxation music to meditate to? Youtube has you covered. Just use the search bar to find whatever you want. You will truly be surprised at what you can learn, fix and do just by using this one streaming app.






Beware of the Youtube Vortex!

With unlimited content comes great responsibility! Youtube does a very good job of showing you related videos to the one you are watching. So good in fact that you may spend unintended hours watching videos. You may start out watching a car video and end up 5 hours later watching cute kittens. Don’t say we didn’t warn you:)

My Youtube app is giving me an error

This can happen for a few reasons. You may need to log into your account in the Google Play store for Youtube to work. Sometimes the homescreen of Youtube will not show any videos. If this happens simply click on the search bar and type in something and click on search.

Sometimes Youtube may need to be updated from the directly from the Google Play store. Below are instructions on how to do this.

  1. Click on the Google Play Store Icon on your units homescreen. If you have moved this from your home screen, simply click on All Apps or My Apps and scroll down until you see the Google Play store icon.
  2. Once the Play store is open, click in the search bar at the top and type in Youtube.



3. Click on the official Youtube app. It will most likely be the first app shown in the search results.



4. Click on Update on the right side of the screen.



5. Click on Accept if you are asked.



6. Once it is finished installing, click on open and start enjoying an endless amount of video streaming.



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