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Cable Companies Raising Prices Again! Shocker!!!

Not as a surprise to anyone, But almost every cable and satellite company are raising their prices once again. We are honestly sick of writing this article, but we talk to so many people each day that are paying crazy amounts of money each month for cable or satellite.

Every quarter we see articles on how many pay subscribers the cable companies have lost due to cord cutting. Comcast lost 732K subscribers in 2019, Spectrum lost about 600K subscribers in 2019, while AT&T lost a staggering 4 million subscribers in 2019.

You would think that these huge amounts of lost customers and money would wake up the cable industry and they would make some kind of change to try and keep their customers and their money.

This mass exodus of customer loss has woken them up, but in a bad way. They have realized that they are losing millions of dollars. So to try and offset these massive losses they came up with the brilliant idea of raising prices for existing customers.

Comcast customers got hit with higher advertised prices for TV service and higher add-on fees in December. The price for a basic TV package increased from $30 to $35 per month. The fee for broadcast TV is now 50 percent percent higher, going from $10 to $15 per month.

 The company also increased its charge for internet service by up to $3 per month, which pales in comparison to the cost of a returned payment, which jumped from $10 to $30.

Charter (Spectrum)
In October, Charter hiked the price of three tiers of its Spectrum TV service—Spectrum Select, TV Silver, and TV Gold—by $7.50 per month. (For instance, Select rose from $65 to $72.50 per month.) The company also raised its broadcast-TV fee from $12 to $13.50 per month, and upped the charge for renting mini cable boxes by 50 cents, to $8 per month.

For those cutting the TV cord but keeping internet, Spectrum hiked the price of its entry-level standard service (100 to 200 Mbps, depending on the region) by $5, to $70 per month.

AT&T’s DirecTV customers face a price hike that starts on Jan. 19. The increases will vary by plan, but they go up to $8 (Premier) per month. Xtra and Unlimited plans will cost $7 more per month. Fees for regional sports will go up by as much as $2 per month, depending on where you live.

All AT&T U-verse customers, except those on the Basic plan, are also getting increases. Depending on the plan, they range from $3 to $7 per month. Also, the broadcast-TV fee is going up by as much as $2 per month, again depending on your plan and location.

How To Break the Cycle!

The first thing you need to do is head over to our website and order a SkyStream Pro 8K Streaming Media Player. The SkyStream Pro has everything you need to cut the cord for good. You can download and install almost any Android application that you want for all of your entertainment needs. You can also play games, make video calls, use social media apps, check emails and browse the internet all on your TV!!!

Stop Paying Rental Fees!

Buy your own router and stop paying fees each month for a router that you do not own.

Modem Router Combo – As these have both the Modem and Router built in, you only need one piece of equipment. These Modem Router Combos are compatible with all Cable Providers including Xfinity by Comcast, Charter, Spectrum and Cox! 

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Modems – Please note that these only bring in the internet signal. They do not broadcast the signal through Wifi. If you go this route you will need a Wifi router as well. These are a great choice if you already have your own WiFi router and just want to stop paying to rent a modem from your cable company!

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Wifi Routers - Please note that these only broadcast the internet signal. They do not bring in the internet signal. If you go this route you will need a modem as well. These are a great option if you already have a modem and want to upgrade your WiFi signal!

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Get an HD Antenna!
HD Antennas can get you up to 100 channels, depending on where you live. They get your local ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CW and PBS channels in HD. Plus many more channels. Click Here to see what channels you may get at your house.

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Is Cable Really Worth it?

Look, Cable prices are only going to continue to go up until these companies go out of business. Do you really want to pay extra because of their ancient business model and refusal to accept that streaming is the new thing? Is sacrificing an awesome family vacation or new 4K TV worth the few channels that you actually watch?

With a SkyStream, Free services like Pluto TV and Tubi TV, an HD antenna for local networks and Youtube, there is so much free content to watch that doesn't cost you a single dime! Throw Netflix and Amazon Prime for about $20 a month and you have even more content.

We obviously can't make the decision for you. But you know that you do have a breaking point for your monthly cable bill that will eventually make you cut the cord. $200? $300? $400?

Why don't you take action today and cut the cord before you spend thousands of dollars and eventually cut the cord. You'll be glad you did and will find tons of great content you never even knew existed because you were clicking through channels mindlessly.