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When will the Skystream TWO be released?

We wanted to update all of our awesome customers on when the Skystream TWO will be available to purchase. We did a small private pre order sale for everyone that is subscribed to our email list. All of those units sold out extremely fast.

However we have not made the Skystream TWO available to the public for sale. Why you ask? To be 100% transparent we ran into an issue that we did not foresee. As you may already know from our previous article (Click Here) we jumped up just about every spec of this box compared to any other TV box on the market. One of these upgrades was DDR4 RAM instead of DDR3. DDR4 RAM is the same speed and quality RAM that mobile phone manufactures like Google, Samsung, Apple, LG and HTC use in their high end phones to provide high levels of speed and responsiveness.

This brings us to our little issue, getting DDR4 RAM. We have been slightly delayed because all  of the major phone manufacturers have been buying up every piece of DDR4 RAM available and there is currently a shortage. However today we were able to obtain a large quantity and should be able to open up sales to the public soon. We did not want to make any promises about delivery dates without having a solid date when we know we will get them in. We love all of our customers and did not want to overpromise and underdeliver.

But we should have some solid dates sometime early next week and will open up preorders with solid delivery dates. Trust us, we really want to get the TWO in the hands of our streaming family so you can see how fast the TWO is. But we value our customers and didn’t feel right releasing a pre order without having a solid date of shipment.

Thank you for being so patient and being the most important part of our family. Without you we are nothing. We guarantee that the Skystream TWO will be worth the wait and will exceed your expectations!

Stream On! Soon :)