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How to Program the SkyStream Three stock remote

The Stock SkyStream Three remote control has 4 programmable buttons on it. You can teach these 4 buttons to mimic the buttons on your TV remote. The most common buttons used are TV power (On & Off), AV/TV (Source), Volume up and down.

Most remote controllers will be able to teach the SkyStream Three button commands. However a small amount of remotes use a different type of signal and will not work with our remote.

How to Pair your TV remote Buttons to the SkyStream Three stock remote.

1. Press and hold the “Set” button on the SkyStream Three remote control for 2 seconds, and the LED light will change from dim to brighter and will enter the learning mode.

2. Press the button you want to teach a command to on the SkyStream Three remote control (AV/TV, Power, Vol+, Vol-.) The LED light will begin blinking.

3. Point your TV remote control directly at the front of the SkyStream remote (1 to 2 inches apart) and press the button on your TV remote that you want to teach the SkyStream remote for 1 to 3 seconds.

4. If the SkyStream remote learned the button command the LED light will blink 3 times quickly and stay lit up. If this does not happen, try the entire process again.

5. Press the set button to finalize the learning.

6. Test to make sure the SkyStream remote learned the command and works with your TV.

To program the other programmable buttons repeat steps 1-6 and select a different programmable button to teach.