Backlit & Voice Controlled Air Mouse Remote

SkyStream Media Center compatible! This backlit android tv box air mouse was designed with SkyStream Media Center in mind. The play, pause, rewind and fast forward all work while streaming in SkyStream Media Center!

2.4 Ghz & infrared signal! Connect your air mouse with the supplied USB dongle to your android TV box. Plug and play with no special pairing procedure. 2.4 Ghz signal is strong enough to perform flawlessly at distances under 30 feet. Infrared is used to turn the device on and off without having to unplug the unit like other streaming media player remotes.

Air Mouse Remote

Air Mouse Remote
  • Designed for android tv boxes, but works with Linux, Windows and Apple operating systems
  • Backlighting allows you to see all of the buttons in any lighting condition
  • Turns most android tv boxes on and off using infrared, unlike other remotes that use the USB signal that cannot turn your streaming media player on after turning it off.
  • 4 in 1: 2.4G 3D, 2.4G wireless keyboard and mouse, 6-Axis somatosensory and infrared remote control
  • Plug and play, 30 feet range, keyboard on back, 2 IR learning programmable buttons (yellow and blue)