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Internet Trouble Shooting

There are many factors that come into play on a home network. This section will cover some remedies to common home networking problems. We do recommend that the SkystreamX unit is receiving 10 Mbps or 10,000 Kbps of download speed to operate properly.

  1. Rebooting your Modem – Modems are just like computers. Over time they slow down and need to be reset. We recommend resetting your router at least once a month to ensure you are getting proper speed being fed into your home network. To reset your Modem, simply unplug it from its power source for 30 seconds, plug it back in and let it reboot.
  2. Wifi Distance – Wifi signals are greatly reduced over distance and through obstacles and walls. If you are experiencing slow speeds using Wifi we highly suggest moving the wireless router closer to your SkystreamX unit. We also always recommend  a hardwired ethernet connection over Wifi as it is more stable and provides the maximum internet speed to the unit.

If you are having trouble connecting your internet to the Skystream Android TV Box, please watch the videos above for instructions on how to connect the unit to the internet.

How to run a Speedtest on your Skystream Android TV Box

How to connect Ethernet (Hardwire) to your Skystream unit

How to connect Wi-Fi to your Skystream unit

Low volume on certain streams

If different streams have different volume levels do not worry, this is completely normal. Each stream is created by a different person. Different people record the streams with different volume levels. If you find a stream that has a low or high volume level simply use the volume button on your Skystreamx remote to raise or lower the volume to a desired level.

Low Volume

If you are experiencing low volume on your Skystream Android TV Box please follow these steps to raise the volume level.

  1. Using the Skystream remote control, press the volume up button until the volume is at the highest level. If you see a sound icon with an X through it press the mute button to unmute.
  2. Using your TV or sound system remote control, turn the volume up to your desired level.

Connecting to a Sound System

There are three ways that you can connect your SkystreamX Android TV Box to an external sound system.

Method 1 (Suggested) – Almost all TV’s have an Audio out port. Some TV’s have a red & white component output and some have an HDMI or SPDIF (Optical Audio) output. Whatever output method your TV has, we recommend connecting the audio out to your sound system. With this configuration anything that is being displayed on your TV will have it’s sound sent directly to the sound system. This eliminates having to change the audio channels on your sound system for different devices.

HDMI Pass through

HDMI pass through is a feature on some sound systems. This feature allows you to feed the HDMI Audio & Video signal directly to the sound system and then have the sound system feed the video back to the TV. If your Sound system has HDMI pass through please follow the instructions on how to connect and enable it.

  1. Connect the HDMI cable from the Skystream to the pass through port on your sound system. With a second HDMI cable connect the HDMI pass through out to your TV.
  2. From your Skystreams home screen click on settings, click on Advanced.
  3. Click on Digital Audio auto-detection to turn it off.
  4. Click on Digital Audio Output.
  5. Click on HDMI Passthrough to turn it on.
  6. Turn the volume all the way up using your Skystream remote control. Adjust the audio level using your sound systems remote control.


SPDIF (Optical Audio) Pass through

SPDIF or Optical Audio is an option to play the sound from your SkystreamX to an external sound system or sound bar. Enabling this feature will allow you to push the sound from your Skystream to a sound bar using an optical audio / SPDIF cable.

  1. Plug an optical audio cord into the port on the back of your SkystreamX and plug the other end into the optical audio port on your sound bar or sound system.
  2. From your Skystreams home screen click on settings, click on Advanced.
  3. Click on Digital Audio auto-detection to turn it off.
  4. Click on Digital Audio Output.
  5. Click on SPDIF Passthrough to turn it on.
  6. Turn the volume all the way up using your Skystream remote control. Adjust the audio level using your sound systems remote control.



No Volume

If you are not getting volume please follow the below listed steps.

1. TV Remote – Press the mute button to make sure the TV is not muted. Now turn the volume all the way up.

2. Skystrem Remote – Press the mute button to make sure the TV is not muted. Now turn the volume all the way up.

This should fix the volume issue you are having.

No display at all on TV

If you are not seeing any display at all on your TV from the Skystream unit, please follow the troubleshooting steps below.

  1. Make sure that the Skystream unit is plugged in and showing a light on the front of it. If there is no LED the unit is not on.
  2. If the unit is on and displaying a light on the front, check to make sure that the HDMI cable is plugged into the Skystream unit and an HDMI port on your TV.
  3. Using your TV remote press the input or source button to change the input source so that it is showing the video from the HDMI port that the Skystream is plugged into.
  4. If none of these options work, test a different HDMI cable to see if the HDMI was not working properly.
  5. If you have done all of these steps, tested a different HDMI cable and are still not seeing any video display from the Skystream unit please give us a call at 888-963-9105

Video is fuzzy, color is off or flickers intermittently

If you are experiencing any of these issues please follow the below listed troubleshooting steps.

  1. Unplug the HDMI cable from both the Skystream unit and your television.
  2. Plug both of them back in and make sure that they are both seated firmly.
  3. If this does not fix the problem, try using a different HDMI port on your TV.
  4. If this does not work, please try using a different HDMI cable.
  5. If a new HDMI cable does not solve the problem please give us a call at 888-963-9105.


The language on my box is wrong

Go to settings, then Other, then more settings. Scroll down until you see a small white square with a letter A inside it. Once in there click the option all the way in the top and change language to English.

How to adjust the display size to fit your TV

Unit does not turn on at all

If your unit is plugged into a working outlet that has power, but you are not seeing any lights indicating that the unit is on please give us a call at 888-963-9105. Most likely the power supply has died and a replacement will need to be sent.

Unit lights up but does not display anything on the screen

If your unit displays an LED indicating that it is on but is not displaying anything on your TV, Please refer to the display section of the support page for help.

How to properly set the Date & Time – IMPORTANT!

How to connect a Bluetooth device

To enable Bluetooth click on Settings, Other, More Settings. Now turn on Bluetooth. The unit will start searching for Bluetooth devices. Follow the pairing instructions for the Bluetooth device you are trying to connect and allow the device to pair with the Skystream Android TV Box.

Application shows as incompatible in Google Play

If an application that you are trying to install is saying that it is incompatible with the SkystreamX, this simply means that the developer has not made their application compatible with Android TV boxes. There are not that many applications that are not compatible with SkystreamX units. But there are some that are just not compatible.

Google Play won’t open or gets stuck opening

If the Google Play app get’s stuck and will not go to the homescreen or gets stuck opening please follow the steps below.

  1. From the units home screen, click on settings.
  2. Click on other
  3. Click on More Settings
  4. Click on Apps
  5. Click on Google Play
  6. Click on Clear Cache
  7. Click on Clear Data
  8. Click on Force Stop and then OK
  9. Press the home button on your remote control
  10. Click on the Google Play icon to open Google Play

How to install applications from the Google Play store

How to do a Factory Reset

To do a factory reset on your Skystream Android TV Box, please click on this link. Please note that this will wipe everything off of your box that you have added. The only apps that will be on your unit after the factory reset are the ones that were already installed when you first got your unit. This is a last resort solution if you have tried everything listed on our support page. Factory Reset Guide

How to add or change your home screen Shortcuts (Bottom row of apps)

Press the plus sign at the bottom right of the home screen. You will see all of the apps you have on your box. Click on the apps you want on the home screen. You will see a green check mark on the apps that are selected to be on the home screen.

To remove an app from being on the home screen, click on it and you will see the green check mark disappear.

Once you are completed, press the back button on the remote and you will see the shortcuts you selected are now on the bottom row of apps.

How to force stop frozen applications

SkyStream X5 Air Mouse Remote Control Trouble Shooting

1. Make sure the remote control is fully charged. You can plug the provided USB cable into a USB port on the X5 or plug the USB end into any cell phone charger to charge the remote. A red light will appear when the unit is charging. The red light will disappear when the remote is fully charged.

2. Make sure the USB dongle that was included is plugged into one of the USB ports on the left side of the X5 unit.

3. Turn on the X5.

4. Turn the remote on using the toggle switch on the left side of the remote. Make sure the toggle switch is in the on position. You should see a blue light at the top of the remote control.

5. Move the remote around and you will see the cursor move with the movement of the remote control.

If this procedure did not work and no buttons are working in cluding the direction pad buttons, please follow the instructions below.

Pairing the X5 Remote

Turn the remote switch to off, now push the Esc key and while holding it down turn the remote to on. The blue light should start to flash rapidly and you can let go of the escape key and the remote should pair itself. Make sure the X5 is on and you are close to it when you follow these instructions.

Please refer to the X5 button guide above to learn what all of the buttons do.

SkyStream X5 Air Mouse Remote Control Buttons


  1. Power Button
  2. Menu
  3. Page Up
  4. Page Down
  5. Rewind
  6. Back/Return
  7. Email
  8. Menu
  9. Set
  10. Mute
  11. AV/TV
  12. Navigation + OK
  13. Left Mouse
  14. Volume +
  15. Mouse On/Off
  16. Volume –
  17. Play/Pause
  18. Fast Forward
  19. Home
  20. Search


Remember to charge your remote by using the attached USB charger that plugs into your box or any USB charger. Also, be sure to turn your remote OFF when it is not in use to save battery life.

To stop using the Mouse feature and use the directional pad, press the Mouse On/Off (#15) button.

Trouble Shooting the Skystream Air Mouse

1. Make sure you have inserted both AAA Batteries into the remote control and have plugged the USB Dongle into the unit you wish to control. (Do not insert the USB dongle into the back of your TV unless you have a smart TV and are using this remote control to control your TV.)

2. If the remote control is not controlling the device that it is plugged into, simply unplug the device from its power source, plug it in and let it completely boot up again.

3. Press the Red Cursor button if the air mouse feature is not working.

4. If the red LED light on the top of the remote is not lighting up when you press a button try changing the batteries in the remote control. You can also try rolling them or pressing them towards the + connection side. Also make sure the batteries are inserted in the proper direction.

How to program the Skystream Air Mouse to control other devices

1.On the Skystream air mouse remote press and hold Red TV button until it starts to slowly blink
2. Aim the TV remote that you want to program front to front of the STB remote. press the button you want to program on your TV remote.
3. The Red light will turn on and stay on once it has learned the buttons function.
4. Press the yellow or blue button and the light will blink normally
5. Press the red TV button again
6. Test functionality
(Only 2 functions can be programmed.Red and Green buttons on bottom of remote cannot be programmed, only yellow and blue)

Skystream Air mouse Guide

SkyStream ONE Remote

Remote On / Off Issues

The stock remote that came with your SkystreamX should turn the unit on and off.

Any other remotes or USB Keyboards may or may not turn the unit on and off. We cannot control third party remote controls or modify anything to make them turn the unit on and off.

You can leave your unit on all of the time. The Android operating system was designed to be left on all of the time just like a cell phone or tablet. So if a remote control that you purchased is not turning the unit on and off you can simply leave the unit on.


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