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TP-Link 500 MBPS Network Powerline Adapter

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TP-Link 500 MBPS Network Powerline Adapter allow you to send your internet signal anywhere in your house through your existing power lines at speeds of up to 500 MBPS. These network powerline adapters are a great way to get a blazing fast internet connection in parts of your house that has weak or no signal from your Wifi router. These TP-Link network powerline adapters are a great way to provide your Skystream streaming media player with a fast and reliable internet connection!

The integrated power socket ensures that no power outlet goes to waste!

Package includes two power line adapters and two ethernet cables.

As Network Powerline Adapters use the existing electrical lines in your house and every house is wired differently, we do not accept returns on this item.

This item will not work on two different electrical circuits. Meaning that if you have two power meters for your house, it will most likely not work.