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How to Stream Super Bowl 51 2017 using the Fox Sports Go App

If you are like most people, you will be wanting to watch Super Bowl 51 this Sunday. There are a few ways that you can do this without a cable subscription and we wanted to show you some ways to stream the Super Bowl this year.

HD Antenna

If you have one of our Amplified HD Antennas installed you can simply turn the channel to your local Fox station. This is by far the easiest way that you can watch Super Bowl 51 for free in HD. If you do not have one of our Local HD Antennas you can click the link below to order one.

Amplified Local HD Antenna

Fox Sports Go App

Last year Super Bowl 50 was shown by CBS. They opened up their app so that everyone could stream the Super Bowl for free. CBS did encounter some server errors in the beginning of the game that led to most people not being able to view it and experience buffering. This was quickly fixed and was one of the largest streamed events of all time. This year Fox will be airing Super Bowl 51 and have chosen to do the same thing with their Fox Sports Go app (Please note that the Fox Sports Go app normally requires that you use your cable provider login to view any streams on the app and that they are only opening up the app to everyone for the Super Bowl). We hope that FOX has learned from the few small hiccups that CBS had and have prepared their servers to get slammed with traffic during the SuperBowl.

So here is a quick tutorial on how to install the Fox Sports Go app.

This will ONLY work using Wi-Fi, Please switch to Wi-Fi if you are on Ethernet or this will not work!!!

Click on the Google Play Store App. If you have not already signed into Google Play you will need to login using your Gmail account information. If you do not have a Gmail account or Google Account you will be brought to a screen where you can create one.

Stream Super Bowl 51


Type “Fox Sports Go” into the search bar at the top of the Google Play Store. Click on the Fox Sports Go icon or click search and then click on the app.

Stream Super Bowl 51


Click on Install and then click on Accept when you see a pop up appear.

Stream Super Bowl 51

Stream Super Bowl 51


Once the App is done installing, click on Open.

Stream Super Bowl 51


You will now see a pop up telling you that location services need to be turned on. Click on Location Settings.

Stream Super Bowl 51


Make sure that Location is selected (Not Settings) and click on Just Once.

Stream Super Bowl 51


Use your Airmouse to click on the On / Off slider at the top right of the screen. Or use the standard remote and click down and up to highlight the On / Off slider and click the OK button.

Stream Super Bowl 51


Once Location is turned on, click on Mode.

Stream Super Bowl 51


Select Battery Saving.

Stream Super Bowl 51


Press the back button on your remote until you get back to the Fox Sports Go app. It may say warming up for a minute or two while it loads. Please be patient as the app loads. If it does not open in 5 minutes, back out of the app, unplug your unit, plug it back in and then open up the Fox Sports App (It will be located in the My Apps section of the home screen.) If this still does not work follow these steps. From the units home screen click on settings, click on apps, scroll over to the Fox Sports Go app and click on it. Click on Clear Data. Then click on force stop. Press the home button on your remote and then open the app again.

This is a very finicky app, as the 3.3 rating on the Google Play store suggests. But once you get it to fully load it seems to stream well. Please keep in mind that this app has probably never seen as much traffic as it will on Sunday. So some buffering may occur.

Stream Super Bowl 51


We highly suggest doing this well in advance of Super Bowl 51. Lots of other people will be doing the same thing right as the game is starting and Google’s and Fox’s server may get bogged down.

Where else can I stream Super Bowl 51?

Just like all other sporting events, the Super Bowl will be streamed in all of the normal sports addons and in Mobdro. But as you can guess there are going to be lots of people all trying to watch a stream from the same server. So we do expect there to be buffering on many of these addons and programs. This is why we wanted to let you know about the Fox Sports Go app and the best option an HD Antenna.

We hope this is helpful and as always, Stream On!!!


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