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Moving your Router for Maximum Streaming Speed

We get lots of phone calls each and every day. Sometimes we get calls that are more about home networks, Routers and Modems, then our Skystream units. Many of these customers are experiencing slow Wi-Fi speeds on not only their Skystream units, but most of the devices in their house. Our first question is where is your router / modem located and how far is it from your Skystream Android TV box? The answers that we get range from, “Wherever the cable guy installed it, it’s in the basement, it’s upstairs, or it’s on the other side of the house.”

What most people do not realize is that in most cases you can move your router anywhere in your house that has a coax connection (Screw on Connection.) In the majority of houses the internet or cable signal that is provided to your house from the cable company comes in one main spot and it then is split to all of the other rooms via coax cables.

What this means is that you can simply unplug your router, Unscrew the coax connection, move the router to a more centralized part of the house and connect it to that rooms coax connection. In most cases once the coax connection is connected and the router has been plugged in, the router will cycle and then connect to the internet. Voila, you now have your Wi-Fi signal in a more centralized location and will have a more solid connection on your devices.

As all houses are different in design and layout we cannot tell anyone exactly where the best place to keep your router. But in general terms the ideal spot for a router is in a centralized part of the house. For many houses this will be in a living room or family room. Another way you can help figure out where the best spot would be, is to ask where you use your Wi-Fi connected devices the most. In most cases this will be the living room where your TV is, which is very convenient if you are using one of our Skystream Android TV Boxes.

Another great perk to placing your router in the room where you watch TV is that you can now hopefully run an Ethernet cable directly from your router to your Skystream Streaming Media Player and get the most stable and fast internet connection possible.

When the cable guy came to your house to install your Router / Modem, you were probably one of 25 work orders he had for the day. So when he was installing your equipment, he most likely installed it near the first Coax connection outlet he saw. He was most likely not thinking to himself, “Hmmm, where would be the best place to put this router in order to give Bob and Jane the best signal in the whole house.”

So if you have a router / modem in a basement, closet, upstairs or at one corner of your house. Unplug it, reconnect it in a centralized part of the house or family room and see if it connects to the internet. If it does you are in business. If not, try the next closest coax outlet and see if that one is giving an internet signal.

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