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Top 10 things to do with your SkyStream Pro Android TV Box

Some of these may be pretty obvious, but we wanted to highlight 10 awesome things you can do using your SkyStream. Of course there are hundreds of other things that you can do with the SkyStream Pro.

1. Streaming Live TV and Videos


This one is pretty obvious as the SkyStream Pro Android TV Box is sold as a streaming media player.

You can use pretty much any stream application in the Google Play store and watch whatever content you want to watch. Freedom to use whatever videos streaming services you want is one of the best things about our Android TV boxes.

2. Youtube on your TV

Youtube 4K Android TV Box

Youtube has an amazing amount of awesome content on just about any subject you could possibly think of. With the Skystream Pro Android TV Box you watch Youtube videos on your big screen TV. No more watching on your tiny little phone screen. Youtube also has a really good library of 4K content to view. Not movies or TV shows, but really cool nature videos, drone footage from different cities and other stuff like that. But it looks amazing on your 4K TV. This picture was taken on the SkyStream Pro watching a 4K video on nature in Costa Rica.

3. Streaming Music

Android TV Box Music Streaming

The SkyStream Pro allows you to stream from just about any music streaming app through your TV. Doing chores, laundry, having a party or just want to annoy the neighbors? Download your favorite music streaming app and blast it through your TV and surround sound system. Careful about annoying the neighbors though. They may have a SkyStream Pro as well and may blast Polka music to get you back :)

4. Social Media

Android TV Box Social Media Apps

People are using social media more than ever these days. Why not Pin, Post, Tweet, Snap, etc on your TV instead of a small phone screen? Take social to your TV!

5. Games

Android TV Box Gaming

Did you know that your SkyStream Pro can play a vast library of games from the Google Play store? Keep yourself and your kids entertained with a huge amount of mainly free games. You can even play the Battle Royale breakout game PUBG on the SkyStream Pro.

Most games will require some sort of controller. There are a huge variety of Bluetooth gaming controllers on Ebay and Amazon for under $30. Just make sure they are Bluetooth and compatible with Android. See you on PUBG!

6. Google Voice and Browser

Android TV Box Google Voice

Both SkyStream Pro units come with Google Voice and the Chrome browser built in. Using your airmouse simply click on the microphone icon on the home screen or the microphone button on the remote and ask google a question or tell it to do something. Settle an argument by searching Google for the answer you know your friend is wrong about. It's like having that other voice assistant thing from that other company, but on your TV.

With the Chrome browser you can surf the web while rocking your pajamas and eating popcorn. We don't judge :)

7. Screen Casting or Mirroring

Android TV Box Screen Mirroring


Want to cast your phone or tablet onto your TV? Have IOS or Android? We've got you covered. The SkyStream Pro can mirror you IOS or Android devices right onto your big screen.

Want to show your friends the funny cat video someone sent you? Want to show the grandparents all of your cute baby pictures? SkyStream has you covered!

Just be careful when scrolling through pictures when your mirroring your phone onto your TV. Be careful, you know what we are talking about :) 

8. Slideshows

Android TV Box Slideshow

Who doesn't love a good family slideshow? No seriously, who doesn't?

With your SkyStream Pro you can share your family pictures, vacation pictures, etc on your TV. You can mirror your phone, you can put pictures and videos on an SD card and you can even access pictures from Google Drive or DropBox.

9. Email

Yes you can even email your mom using a SkyStream Pro Android TV Box. Go ahead and email her, it's been awhile!

While we don't recommend working over watching some great TV, sometimes you just need to send a work email and don't feel like getting off the couch. Get some you hustler!

10. Pizza, Yup Pizza

Android TV Box

Your hungry and your phone is on the other side of the couch. In normal circumstances in this situation you would starve to death. People would find you and ask why you didn't just use your SkyStream Pro to order yourself a delicious Pepperoni Pizza. 

Don't die of starvation on your couch. Grab your TV remote and download your favorite pizza companies app. Yes, you can actually order a pizza on the SkyStream Pro. We did a lot of research and testing on this and it works every time :)


If you want to stream awesome TV Shows and Movies, Watch Youtube in 4K, Blast the neighbors with your favorite music, Tweet on your TV, Play awesome games, Surf the Web, Cast cat videos, Have Family Slideshows, Send Drunken work emails and have pizza delivered, head over to and pick up a Skystream!