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What Sets SkyStream Devices Above Other Streaming Devices?

Here at SkyStream we take streaming seriously. We have been doing this for just about 8 years now. Before the Corporate companies even knew what streaming was.

We always strive to offer our customers the highest quality and highest spec streaming devices possible, and according to our customers raving reviews we have achieved that time and time again.

Android TV Box Streaming Device

Our Products are Future Proof

Many of our customers previously purchased a cheap streaming device in the past, only to find that it was made using the cheapest parts possible. Seemed like a good deal at first. That was until 4K files stuttered, Wifi performance was sub par which caused buffering and newer file types could not play properly.

Video files are not all the same. Most newer video files are using newer types of formats that are more compressed to keep files sizes smaller, while keeping the quality. This reduces the size of the files, but requires more RAM and a more powerful processor to play them smoothly.

The SkyStream Pro has the newest processor from AMLogic and 4GB of blazing fast RAM to power through these newer files with ease. In fact the Pro is so powerful it can play 8K files!

Android TV Box Gigabit Internet

Can't Stream Without Fast Internet

The Skystream Pro Android TV Box was designed with internet speed in mind to keep your video streaming smoothly! We didn't cheap out with internet components. The Pro comes with Gigabit ethernet capabilites and Gigabit dual channel AC Wifi. This means that you can feed the SkyStream Pro with up to 1,000Mbps of ethernet speed!

Most of our competitors max out at 100Mbps or less and don't even offer an option to use an ethernet cable. If your current streaming device has weak internet speeds, your gonna have a bad time. Streaming files are getting larger and without a fast internet connection to your device, they are going to start buffering.

Freedom to do what you want!

Many of the popular streaming devices on the market are controlled by fortune 500 companies and run proprietary operating systems with proprietary app stores. This means that your device is locked down to what they want you to use. Want to use an app that isn't approved in their locked down ecosystem? You are forced to try and hack your device to be able to install this app, while voiding your warranty. Does it seem right that you purchased a device and have to jump through hoops to use it the way you want to? Doesn't seem right to us!

Here at SkyStream we feel you should have the freedom to use whatever apps you want on a device you purchased. This is why we have preinstalled multiple app stores, so you can install and use any app that you want. Isn't freedom nice!

US Based Customer Service Tailored to Streaming

Try emailing one of the big guys asking about trying to accomplish something with their device. You will receive a generic form email from India that will not even try to help your situation or you will receive and email explaining that they only deal with technical issues and returns.

Here are SkyStream our customer service team knows what our customers want to do with their streaming devices and how to help that achieve that. They have helped thousands of customers cut the cord for good and never look back.

SkyStream Customers Are In The KNOW!

People in the know stream SkyStream. People who want to stream what they want, when they want trust SkyStream! We are the only company that truly understands what people want when they cut the cord and deliver it everyday. SkyStream is a COMPLETE solution when cutting the cord! Are you ready for a REAL cord cutting solution?

SkyStream Pro 8K Android TV Box!