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Playing PUBG (Player Unknown's Battlegrounds) on the Skystream TWO Android TV Box

Pubg Player Unknown's Battleground Mobile Android TV Box

We have always told people that you can play Android games from the Google Play store, Albeit some better than others due to control issues. But this is one of the rare times that a major console game has jumped over to the Android side.

If you are not familiar with PubG, it is a battle royale survival type of game that has grown a massive player base. In the game you and 99 other players fly over a large island. You can jump out of the plane whenever you want. You then parachute to a spot on the map. Once you land you start running around searching for weapons, clothes, defensive items, etc. Once you gather the items you want you start searching for other people to shoot. Sounds easy right?

There is a small catch though and it is called the Play Circle. Every few minutes the Play Circle gets smaller. This makes that map smaller and forces you and your enemies closer together. This helps speed up a game of PubG and usually makes the game end in a very climactic battle to be the last person standing.

How can I play PubG Player Unknown's Battleground on an Android TV Box?

As PubG Mobile is designed to be played using a mobile device with a touch screen, you will need some kind of external controller. For the video below we used a Wireless keyboard and a wireless mouse from Logitech that are both controlled by one USB Dongle. Another alternative to play PubG Mobile on an Android TV Box is a Bluetooth gaming controller that is compatible with Android.

Can I play PubG Mobile on any Android TV Box?

As Skystream only produces high end, high spec Android TV Boxes we have not tested PubG Mobile on any other devices. But we feel that without our S912 8 core processor, 3 GB of cell phone quality DDR4 Ram and the high end 4K graphics chip that comes in the Skystream TWO, that PubG mobile would not nearly be as smooth and run as cleanly as it did in the video.

What's next for mobile gaming on Android TV Boxes?

While we do not know what the future holds, we are very excited that a massive console game like PubG created a mobile version for Android and IOS. We think this is a huge step in the right direction for mobile gaming on the Android TV Box platform. We expect many more game developers to design big games specifically for the mobile market and with the popularity of Android TV Boxes we feel that they will build in better controls for non touch screen devices.

Fortnite Mobile coming to Android and Android TV Boxes - How to play Fortnite Mobile on an Android TV Box?

Fortnite is another wildly popular battle royale style game that is coming to the Android platform very soon. We think that Fortnite Mobile on Android is going to be massive as they already have a huge fan base.

Once Fortnite Mobile Android TV Box become available we will test it out on the Skystream TWO Android TV Box