How to watch the NCAA Basketball March Madness Tournament without cable

As a lot of you know, the NCAA Basketball March Madness Tournament starts today. This is a very popular basketball tournament watched by a huge audience. In this article we will give you some options on how to watch March Madness without a cable subscription.

Unfortunately the NCAA Basketball March Madness Tournament will be broadcast on four channels instead of just one like the Olympics or the Super Bowl. This makes it a little bit harder for people without a cable subscription to watch all of the games.

CBS will be showing different games on different channels.These channels include CBS, TruTV, TNT and TBS.

How to watch almost every game in the March Madness Tournament

SlingTV offers 3 of the channels in different packages, but does not offer CBS in any of its packages.

Orange Package - This package is $20 a month and will let you watch the NCAA Basketball games on TNT and TBS. But no CBS or TruTV.

Blue Package - This package is $25 a month and will let you watch the NCAA Basketball games on TNT, TBS and TruTV. But no CBS

Sling is a great option to watch about 50% - 75% of the games in the NCAA Basketball March Madness Tournament. But it is a bit disappointing that they do not offer CBS where most of the big games will be shown.

SlingTV does offer a 7 day free trial. This will only get you a third of the roughly 21 day event. But it is better than nothing.

Local HD Antenna to watch CBS

If you have been following our blog for any amount of time you already know that we love HD antennas. In fact we consider them the best value in TV watching. Click here to read about why HD Antennas are so great! Why Local HD Antennas are the best value in TV Watching!

Once again the HD antenna comes to the rescue to help all of us watch all of the NCAA Basketball March Madness Tournament on CBS in HD for free! If you have one of our Mohu HD Antennas and live close enough to a tower that broadcasts CBS, you will be able to watch every Basketball game that CBS airs in crystal clear HD. One more reason that we love HD antennas!

CBS Sports HQ App

We wrote an article about the CBS Sports HQ App a few weeks ago and we think it is great! While this app airs more of a 24/7 version of ESPN's Sports Center, it does not normally show full games. CBS has not made any announcement as to whether or not they will air any full NCAA Basketball March Madness Tournament games. However even if they do not show any full games, there will definitely be a huge amount of NCAA March Madness Basketball in the app. We think this app will be a great source for tons of updates, scores and highlights.


Unfortunately as the NCAA Basketball March Madness Tournament is spread out over four channels it is a little harder to watch every game for free without a cable subscription. But with the combination of an Mohu HD Antenna, SlingTV and the CBS Sports HQ App you can watch all of the games and get tons of updates and highlights.