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Cable TV – The Greedy Old Dinosaur

The first of course will be trusty old cable TV. Cable is like your friend from high school. You know the one who is generally reliable but is always asking you to borrow money. He never repays his debt to you, but since you’ve known him for a long time you never call him out for owing you money. You don’t really like him that much anymore, but you’re comfortable with him and you think you will hurt his feelings if you tell him to take a hike.

In reality, the cable company does not care about you or loyalty to them. Their main objective is to generate as much income as they possible can from each subscriber. Hence calls and mailers offering seemingly great deals if you “Bundle” your services, Add a phone line, up your internet speed and add premium channels.

Why are they always raising there prices on you each year and always trying to up sell you? The Cable companies know that they have a limited amount of customers. Most people who use cable already have it. So the only way to increase revenue is to charge more for there services or convince you to add services.

Another reason they are always trying to reach into your pockets is that they exactly what I know. Cable is becoming a thing of the past. The internet has a thing for making things obsolete and fast. There is a great article in your local newspaper and favorite magazine. Oh wait, you don’t receive those anymore because they are all online. See my point? Cable companies know that streaming media is the wave of the future. They are quickly becoming the CD of the music industry. Once great but now obsolete.

But you’ve had cable for years. You even pay extra for premium channels and a phone line. Surely they will appreciate your loyalty and give you there new promotional offer price that you saw on TV for new subscribers right? Good luck with that one chief. The most popular responses you will get from the cable company after waiting on hold forever will be something like this. “I’m sorry sir or ma’am. That promotion is only for new customers. However we have a special package for existing customers. If you upgrade to our super awesome turbo boosted internet speed, add a second phone line and add a home security system your monthly fee will only be $249.99 for the first 12 months. ”

Sound familiar? I have been there as well. I felt as if they only valued me when they can up my bill. And that is exactly the case. You are a dollar symbol to them and you are allowing it because you are comfortable and feel it will be painful to switch.

I was in your same position almost a year ago. I received Cable, HD, DVR and Internet from one of the major cable companies. With a few boxes and a couple of premium channels my bill started creeping into the $200 range. I sat down one day and started looking at all of my monthly expenses. I thought to myself, My cable bill just keeps getting bigger. It cost more for cable then it does for electricity.

So I started thinking to myself, this is ridiculous! There has to be a better way to get TV shows, Movies and live sports without paying and ever growing arm and a leg. That is when I started researching Internet streaming devices and eventually created the SkyStream Android TV Box.

The SkyStream Android TV Box is the new standard in visual media on your TV. It is a step ahead of the curve, not and expensive step behind grasping at your hard earned dollars.

I urge you to step into the future and save thousands of dollars a year by cutting your cable. Your wallet will thank you for choosing the SkyStream.

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