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FuboTV Extra Streaming Service Update - 92 Channels!!!

FuboTV Android Sports Streaming Service

FuboTV just released a new package to their already extensive streaming channel lineup. If you read our FuboTV Streaming Service Review previously, you already know that FuboTV is a streaming service mainly aimed at sports fans who want to watch tons of live sports, while also providing a huge selection of other channels for the entire family.

Fubo Extra

The latest package offered by FuboTV is called Fubo Extra. It offers 92 Live Streaming Channels for $49.99 per month compared to the standard FuboTV Streaming package that offers 76 channels for $44.99.

Some of the additional channels that were added to the FuboTV Extra package are BabyTV, BBC World News, Cooking Channel, DIY Network, Game Show Network, INSP, Sony Movie Channel, Revolt, and Stadium, as well as People TV and music nets from XITE.

FuboTV is on the more expensive side compared to some other subscription streaming services. However FuboTV was not created for everyone that wants to stream live TV channels. FuboTV was created for the avid sports fan that does not want to pay their cable or satellite company an extra $400 a year for a one season sports package. 

While FuboTV or Fubo Extra may not be the perfect streaming service for everyone, If you are an absolute sports nut and want a great selection of other channels for the family FuboTV is an excellent choice! Pair the live sports streaming power of FuboTV with one of our Local HD Antennas for local sporting events in HD and you have a massive amount of access to live sports from all over the world for $49.99 a month!

FuboTV Channel Lineup

FuboTV Channel Lineup


Fubo Extra Channel Lineup

Fubo Extra Channel Lineup

You are going to need a Streaming Device!

To use the Fubo Live TV service you are going to need a streaming device or set top box. Fubo TV works on many popular streaming devices, however many of these devices limit what you can do and don't really offer a multi faceted home entertainment experience. The SkyStream and SkyStream Three can play Fubo TV flawlessly in 4K resolution. If you want your major networks like ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX the SkyStream Three Plus Cord Cutting Package or the Three Cord Cutting Package is the best way to go! It can also play other streaming apps like Netflix, Sling TV, Youtube TV and Hulu. But it can do so much more. You can browse the internet, play games, Skype your relatives, control your Alexa and Google home and play Youtube in 4K on your big screen TV! Long story short if you are looking to cut the cord you want a device that can do everything the SkyStream Three or Three Plus is a must have! If you want to learn more about what it can do CLICK HERE!

Fubo TV Screenshots on a SkyStream Three

FuboTV AndroidTV

Fubo TV Android TV

FuboTV Live TV Streaming

FuboTV Sports Streaming Application

AndroidTV Live Sports Streaming

FuboTV and Fubo Extra Limited Time Offer!

For a limited time FuboTV is offering a 7 day free trial, $19.99 for your first month and $49.99 a month after that! So you have 7 days to check out the service and if you decide you love all of the live sports channels they offer you get your first month at a 60% discount. Pretty sweet deal! Click below to claim your offer!

FuboTV and Fubo Extra Limited Time Offer!