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How to Stream the 2018 NBA Playoffs and 2018 NBA Finals

Stream the 2018 NBA Playoffs Finals

How to Stream the 2018 NBA Playoffs and 2018 NBA Finals

The 2018 NBA Playoffs start on Saturday 4/14/2018 and the 2018 NBA Finals start on 5/31/2018. The 2018 NBA Playoffs and NBA Finals are sure to be an exhilarating month a half of intense basketball. We are going to tell you how you can watch a large majority of the 2018 NBA Playoffs and NBA Finals without a subscription to cable.

While some sporting events like the Superbowl or the Masters are shown on one channel, the 2018 NBA Playoffs will be shown on 3 different channels. ABC, TNT and ESPN. ABC Will be showing a limited amount of the early NBA Playoff games but has exclusivity for all of the 2018 NBA Finals games. ESPN and TNT will be airing all the rest of the 2018 NBA Playoffs.

How to Watch the 2018 NBA Playoffs and 2018 NBA Finals with an Over the Air Local HD Antenna

If you already have one of our high quality American made Mohu Local OTA HD Antennas that also come in our Skystream TWO Cord Cutting Package then you are ahead of the curve. If you do not have a Mohu HD Antenna we would suggest reading our article on Why a Local HD Antenna is the best value for TV Watching.

If you already have an HD antenna you would simply run a channel scan (If you haven't already) and click through the channels until you get to your local ABC station. Your local ABC station will be showing the 2018 NBA Finals in beautiful HD resolution for free! This is why we love HD Antennas so much.

How to Stream the 2018 NBA Playoffs on TNT and ESPN

How to Stream the 2018 NBA Playoffs on TNT

Unfortunately TNT is a cable based station, so their official streaming app requires a login from your local cable company in order to be able to watch live content. Shocker!

But fortunately for us TNT has some kind of weird pseudo deal with the NBA and offers a service called TNT Overtime on the NBA's website. We have not used this service before to stream NBA Playoff games. But from what we have read it does not show the actual TNT live feed as you would normally see it. TNT Overtime offers you four HD camera views to choose from and also have TNT commentators giving you the play by play. Can't choose which of the four camera angles you want to watch? Put it in Mosaic mode and you can watch all four at once. Pretty cool huh?

How to Stream the 2018 NBA Playoffs ESPN

Unfortunately ESPN is a cable channel and not only that they are one of the most expensive channels your cable company has to pay for which accounts for your bill being higher each year.

With that being said you can still watch ESPN and the 2018 NBA Playoff games on ESPN without subscribing to cable using the SlingTV streaming service. While this is not exactly a free alternative, SlingTV does offer a great variety of channels for a fair price. It's a great alternative to cable when you don't need 500 useless channels.

How can I stream more and save money each month?

If you are interested in learning to stream more content and pay less each month check out one on our Skystream TWO Streaming Media Player Packages. Our Cord Cutting Package has everything you need to enable you to cut the cord and start streaming! Or if you want all of the Major Networks, Local News, Local Sports and more check out these awesome Mohu HD Antennas!